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Aconite (Aconitum Napellus; hood monk)
1 - () His thoughts revolve around death, "his death," the senses, predicts the time it will happen, there is real fear of dying, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. Her expression is anxious, frightened, and he makes life miserable by fear (Allen).
2 - () Terrible anxiety, especially at night, and it accompanies the most trivial of Aconitum disorder, during the chills, fever or pain or headaches. Delirium anxious night. Anxiety with fear.
3 - () Intense concern, with great anxiety, constantly spins or jumps on her bed, all starts.
4 - () Disorders that occur after a shock, either acute or chronic, and even in the infant or child whose mother has suffered a scare during pregnancy.
5 - () is extremely sensitive to noise, light, music (that sad), and strong odors or unpleasant. Hypersensitive children.
6 - () is afraid of the dark (like light), the crowds, to suffocate, drown, before menstruation. Afraid to cross the street to the future.
7 - () Is irritable, violent, with great nervous excitement. Disorders caused by anger, anxiety and fright. Violent delirium.
8 - () The pain was become intolerable, we produce great anxiety and despair, the crazy (think you are going to go crazy) and make it scream, worse at night, with great concern.
9 - () During the preceding chills fever, is eager, excited, sad. During fever, there is anxiety, despair, sadness, crying and even unconsciousness.
10 - Other mental Indifferent to everything and loved ones. Cowardice. Disorders of excessive joy. Impatient. Do not remember what I just did. He complains. Stubborn. Sonambulo. Suspicious.
Criticizes others. Prophesy. Aversion to read. There is persistent. Unconscious after an emotion.
11 - () Acute conditions appear to have been exposed to cold dry, and as wind, currents of air or sudden temperature changes, especially while perspiring (sweating bad effects removed). Effects of very hot weather.
12 - () Violent acute inflammatory disorders, usually fever, sudden onset of appearance or, in its first stage, when there's still no location, and accompanied by fear of death, with intense restlessness and anxiety.
13 - () dryness, tingling or numbness, fullness and pulsation or throbbing, are feelings that accompany a great majority of symptoms.
14 - () Aconitum disorders are especially at night, especially around midnight.
15 - () Worse from cold, feel the cold in blood vessels. Great tendency to take cold. Best outdoors; worse in warm room.
16 - () The pulse is full, hard, fast and small, often irregular and almost imperceptible.
17 - () It is especially indicated in children, young women and plethoric and sedentary adults.
18 - () Fainting from fright, or after urinating or sitting from a lying position.
19 - () When standing or sitting than lying down, you feel bad or worse, dizzy, pale and comes to faint. Sudden and intense weakness.
20 - Tendency to lie down, worse lying on side. Aversion to motion.
21 - Seizure by fright; in children with high fever, hot dry skin, the child bites his fists during teething.
Desire and aversion of Aconitum
22 - like beer, wine and cold drinks.
23 - () Dizziness when standing or rising, with dimming of vision and nausea.
24 - () Sense of boiling on the head. Heat in the head with cold in the body. Cephalic fullness, especially occipital. Intracranial hypertension (Boericke); stroke. Headache with coryza, better by profuse urination. Occipital headache solar heat; pressive out front.
25 - () Inflammation of the eyes from exposure to cold air, which are very sensitive, or foreign bodies. Red eyes after strokes. Photophobia and dryness, with stitches on eye movement.
26 - () Red face, alternating with pallor or a pale hand and the other red, or one cheek is red and hot and the other pale and cold. The face becomes pale when he stood up. Face swollen, bloated, has the feeling of having the large side. Facial neuralgia pulsatile left cold and dry wind, with uneasiness, numbness and tingling. Pain at the root of the nose, nasal obstruction, dry coryza, with little or no secretion.
27 - () dry mouth and tongue. Tingling in the tip of the tongue, which is white. Hot and swollen gums, pain in teeth sensitive to cold, dry wind and cold. Constant chewing motion of the jaw. Bitter taste.
28 - () throat and uvula red and dry, with pain, burning and stitches on swallowing. The throat bleeds.
29 - gastritis and stomach pain after taking cold drinks. Pulsation in epigastrium and abdomen. Vomiting with fear, heat, profuse sweating and polyuria. Intense thirst. Hematemesis.
S 30 - Pain in abdomen, extending to chest, when he defecates. Belly touch. Colicos. Appendicitis. Peritonitis.
31 - () and frequent small stools, with tenesmus; green like spinach crushed. Watery diarrhea in children, who cry and complain much, insomnia and restlessness. Bleeding hemorrhoids.
32 - () Retention of urine in the newborn. Urge to urinate, especially anxious to start, it's painful. Ineffectual urging to urinate on the child, who grasps his genitals and shouting. Involuntary urination thirst and fear. Dysuria. Pressing pain in the bladder. Urine scanty, red, hot, painful, or suppressed, bloody. Burning urethra. Kidney pain.
33 - () replete amenorrhea in girls, should be given a fright after Aconite to avoid the suppression of menstruation (Allen). Abortion from fright. Vagina dry, hot, sensitive. Entuertos with fear and anxiety. Menses profuse, with nosebleed, too long.
34 - () False croup after exposure to cold and dry air. Laryngeal irritation by cold air, with pain when coughing, grasps the larynx when coughing. Raw pain by cold air, worse on inspiration. Aching to touch the larynx, with hoarseness.
35 - () Rapid breathing, anxious. Anxiety and chest tightness, chest, worse ascending or quick movements, with sensation of fullness, heat and constriction, for a band. Congestion cage. Pains in the chest, stitches for the inspiration. Chest pain. Day palpitations, chest anxiously: during the fever, shock, motion, and an awakening. Endocarditis and acute pericarditis. Sensation as if hot water had splashed or within the breast. Cough, cold and dry air, barking, croupy, hoarse, dry, during fever or tingling or irritation of the airways, worse at midnight. Hemoptysis of bright red blood.
36 - () Tingling in the column. Lumbar Region asleep. Lumbar stitches.
37 - () Hot hands and cold feet. Red hypothenar eminences on both hands (Boericke). Feeling as if raindrops falling on her thighs. Tingling and numbness in upper limbs; in heart disease, in the legs while seated. Tingling in hands and fingers, feet, extending upward. Articular rheumatism, with bright red swelling, very sensitive, worse at night. Cracking joints painless. Laxity of joint ligaments, a tendency to twist ankles.
38 - () Dreams anxious. Insomnia with restlessness, turns in bed (use the 30th. [Boericke]). Insomnia in the elderly. Starts in a dream.
39 - () Shivering with cold in blood vessels, worse when touched.
40 - () high fever, dry, hot red skin, worse at night or at dusk, with burning thirst for large quantities of cold water, with anxiety, restlessness and fear internal heat with external chills, and with a red cheek and hot and the other pale and cold, with intense nervous restlessness, wandering hopelessly in bed. According to von Lippe, is "the most valuable febrifuge" the whole Materia Medica. Cold waves that pass through it. Measles. Rubella.
41 - Sweat on covered parts, hot sweats, after a bowel movement; in parts supported.
42 - () Red, hot, swollen, dry, burning. Purpura miliar. Jaundice in newborns. Rashes bright red or scarlet. Goose bumps. Inflamed ulcers.
Coffea - Sulfur (it is the chronic of Aconite).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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