Aconite. Homeopathy (summary)

Aconitum (plant family of the Ranunculaceae)
1 .- high fever of sudden onset, which often occurs following a sudden blow strong and cold, with chills, thirst for large quantities of cold water, hot and dry skin. Aconitum making space with the appearance of perspiration.

2 .- neuralgia accompanied with agonizing pain, spasms tingling, numbness and paresis particularly trigeminal level, the sciatic and brachial.

3 .- vasomotor, cardiovascular syndromes with agitation. Anguish (chest pain, headache, hypertension, angina)

General symptoms of Aconite: Great restlessness, anguish and groans, despair because of the pain, consequences of shocks and disappointments, sensitivity of the nerves of smell, dizziness caused by the rush of blood to the head, or lightheadedness when wanting to get out, with sudden pallor, bleeding from various organs with feelings of great warmth, swelling, with throbbing head and neck, insomnia because of a feeling of anxiety, restlessness in bed or restless sleep and dreams with sudden shocks.

Aconitum: This compounded by the sudden cold, toward midnight.
Aconitum: Amelioration. At rest, through perspiration.

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