Aconitinum. Homeopathy

ACONITINUM (Aconitine)
1 - Anxiety, fear of dying.
2 - stunning, can not think much attention decreased. Feel as if sleeping or playing. Forgetful.
3 - () The conditions or symptoms occur rapidly and with extreme intensity and, if he recovers, he does so quickly and completely.
4 - () The symptoms are often bottom-up: tingling or prickling sensation running down your leg up for the spine to the head, sensation of cold ice which climbs from your feet.
5 - () Numbness, tingling, prickling and heat.
6 - () jerks and spasms throughout the body, especially in the face. Tonic contractions starting in the fingers and facial trismus, followed by generalized seizures.
7 - () Great heaviness throughout the body, as if the parties concerned were filled with lead (except the head and stomach).
8 - () Worse from the slightest exertion, mental strain, for stirring, by touch. Better: by vomiting.
9 - () The senses are diminished or abolished, especially sight, hearing and smell.
10 - Weakness, prostration muscle relaxation.
11 - Vertigo and confusion, with ringing in the ears, falls away; vision obscured. Fullness and heaviness in the head, can not sustain it. Hemicrania, sometimes with vomiting.
12 - Sense of eyestrain. Mydriasis. Complete blindness with mydriasis. Pupillary areflexia.
13 - Pressure in the ears. Hey roar (to the 3rd. D [Boericke]). Complete deafness.
14 - () Fullness in the face, becoming painful tension, tingling, and pricking. Twitching, stretching and pressure in the face, the trigeminal route, alternating with progressively increasing pain. Supraorbital nerve pain. Facial pain with vomiting.
15 - Burning on the lips and tongue tip. Burning, constriction and dryness in the mouth and jaws. Language rigida. Taste very bitter or diminished or absent.
16 - () constriction and burning from the mouth to the stomach. Every attempt to swallow as it is followed by spasms of hydrophobia, but do not appear to see water. Dysphagia with pain in the neck and parotid region, the neck should be pressed to eat. Burning in the throat, as though a burning coal there.
17 - () Belching. Vomiting every 2 or 3 minutes, preceded by a sudden jolt and loud or contraction of abdominal muscles. Heat in the epigastrium. Nausea remain upright.
18 - Rumbling. Enlarged liver and spleen. Sharp contraction of the diaphragm.
19 - Dysuria. Polyuria. Nocturnal emissions.
20 - Dyspnea. Sighing respiration.
21 - agonizing chest tightness. The heart sounds are heard only at the tip. Pulse: fast or slow, small, weak, intermittent.
22 - () weakness, tremors, burning, tingling, tingling and numbness in limbs.
23 - Drowsiness. Restless sleep; takes many turns.
24 - The surface of the body is cold, clammy and pale. Head and face suddenly hot, extending the heat to the body (more in pit), with sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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