Aconitum, Aesculus, aethiops, Aethusa, Agaricus. Homeopathy

Aconite (Aconitum)
Colds and acute fever with hot, dry skin. Restlessness. Stitches pectorals. Coughing hard and painful. Hyperthermia with internal cold (sensation of having ice in his veins). Tonic vascular. Anxiety. Restlessness.
Sense of death in cases of angina pectoris. Action antineuralgic.
Paresthesias. Inflammatory rheumatism. Influenza. Angina pectoris with anxiety and feeling of impending doom. Analgesic and hemostatic.

Aesculus (horse chestnut)
Regulates the peripheral circulation and lymphatic. Capillary action. Venous stasis.
Paresthesias. Varices. Hemorrhoids. Lumbar sacral pain.

Aethiops mineral (mercury black)
Scrofulous. Eye inflammations. Keratitis.

Aethusa (celery dog)
Cramps. Vertigo. Headache. Tachycardia. Spasms, pain, vomiting followed by great exhaustion, intolerance to milk (children's vomit immediately).

Agaricus (agar)
Chilblains (pruritus). Tics. Chorea minor. Excited state. Motor restlessness. Rosacea-drinkers.

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