ADHD. Hyperactive children. Symptoms and Causes

ADHD. Hyperactive children. Symptoms and Causes

Causes and symptoms of ADHD. Hyperactive children

It has been said that a healthy child is usually very active and rarely sits still. After the age of two the child moves alot and at four years in addition to being active, is often noisy. This kind of behavior is and forms part of a childs development.

However, when hyperactivity is exaggerated and is associated with other signs such as lack of attention or motor or psychological signs, it may be a case of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, ADHD.

Symptoms of childhood hyperactivity
The characteristics of a hyperactive child, as well as hyperactivity, are:

* Attention Deficit - continuous or intermittent
* Lack of persistence when carrying out long tasks and impulsiveness.
* Difficulty in finishing tasks
* Trouble sitting on a chair for a length of time.
* Always carry out first the thing that they want most.
* Impulsivity and precipitation mentally.
* Usually children are restless, impatient, anxious.
* They often have problems in communication and behavior, are even aggressive.
* May have poor school performance.

Causes or factors that predispose childhood hyperactivity
The factors can be diverse. The first thing to be ruled out is that the child is not suffering from thyroid dysfunction or other pathology associated with a hyperactive response ...

Other causes that involve periods of hyperactivity and inattention are:

* Excessive consumption of refined sugars of rapid assimilation. This causes cycles of hyperglycemia (hyperactivity, aggression, irritability ...) and reactive hypoglycemia (anxiety, lack of attention ...).
* Food low in essential micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. For example, the deficit of B vitamins hampers the brain neurotransmitter metabolism with subsequent manifestations in character. Iron deficiency aggravates attention disorders and behavior ...
* Food intolerance. Some foods can cause intestinal irritation and intolerances (dairy, refined flour, food additives) with corresponding physical discomfort and irritability of character.
* Heavy metal poisoning, food additives, pesticides ... Specifically, increased levels of lead in the body can cause a hyperactive response, decreased mental abilities, attention deficit ...
* Intestinal parasites. They cause itching and irritability making concentration difficult.
* Lack of exercise or games that involve physical activity: Children need to move, play and run to be healthy.
* Unfavorable social environment at an emotional level because of mental abuse, lack of affection and acceptance, unfair treatment, and so on.

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