Adicum Muriatic (hydrochloric acid). Homeopathy

Muriatic acid
(Hydrochloric acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Muriatic acid

1 - () soft moans constantly complains. Sad, moody, irritable.
Restless. Suffer in silence, silent, as if about to die. Concerns and complaints during fever, turns in bed. He complains sleeping. Speak sleeping.

2 - () You forget what you just said. Indecision. Unconsciousness during fever. Stupor in scarlet fever. Ideas constant on recent developments, during childbirth. He thinks that someone is walking behind.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Muriatic acid
3 - () adynamic states, usually with high fever, great prostration and depression fast, almost paralytic, which manifests itself in the eyes half closed, his jaw hanging and the patient slips and falls in bed (must be straight and lift it to the head all the time), with great concern and congestion (see 1) and, often, with incontinence of urine and faeces.
Enferrnedades very astenizantes, with groans and unconsciousness.

4 Worse from slightest touch, damp weather, for cold drinks; before midnight, by washing with cold water, for the rest, after sleep. Better: motion; by heat.

5 - () Burning: in the ulcers, rashes, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stomach and wind.

6 - () very bad smell: secretions (which are acres) of body and breath.

7 - () Mucosal dry, cracked, ulcerated and bleeding, with intense burning and blue or dark purple.

8 Periosteum very painful and sensitive. Joint pain trauma. Edema.

Desire and aversion Muriatic acid
9 - () Aversion to meat (can not stand or see or think of it) and beer.

SPECIFIC Muriatic acid
10 - () Vertigo worse on moving the eyes or lying on the right side or back or being outdoors. Headaches that occur or are aggravated by walking in open air or wind, by standing in the bed or moving the eyes, and get better at moving the body or exercise. Occipital heaviness, as if this region full of lead, with blurred vision, worse on an object stare. Headache worse sitting upright, better walking slowly. Stitches in the head. Feeling of being beaten or loose brain. Feeling that the hairs are on end. Sweats in the head.

11 - () Itching, burning and stitches in her eyes. Eyelids red and swollen.
Hemiopia vertical. Neuralgia on the left eye. Diplopia.

12 - () Earache. Pulsation in the ears. Insensitivity of the ear canal. Hearing loss, deafness. Hyperacusis, tolerates no sounds of voices or noises. A clock that sounds better voice. Hey hum and hiss.

13 Nostrils ulcerated and sore. Nasal obstruction. Coryza with tickling, sneezing, mucous secretion corrosive or thick and yellowish. Epistaxis continued.

14 - () Heat in the face with redness of the cheeks burning when walking outdoors, without thirst. Jaw hanging. Freckles. Granite. Boils on the temples. Lips dry, cracked, burning or raw, or rashes and scabs, the less swollen and burns.

15 - () Toothache throbbing, worse from cold drinks, better by heat. The teeth move. Sordes teeth. Gums swollen, ulcerated and bleed easily.

16 - () Dry mouth, or profuse drooling. Tongue dry and leathery, hardened and decommissioned, swollen or atrophied, with plates, sore and blue. Heaviness of the tongue, as if made of lead, preventing him from talking.
Black base ulcerations or vesicles or pustules in the language. The mouth is full of deep ulcers. Canker. Foul breath. Hard nodules on the tongue epithelioma. Buccal mucosa red, tender, raw, with white spots. Stomatitis malignant lymphadenopathy. False membranes. Feel the long tongue.

17 - () Diphtheria palate and veil covered with a false membrane, mucosa of the throat dark red, swollen, hot and covered with grayish white plates, with great prostration. Dry, sore throat, as if excoriated or raw. Uvula and tonsils swollen. Sialorrhea to swallow. Violent spasm in the throat and choked, trying to swallow. Throat feels like rancid grease, or putrid, like rotten eggs, with sialorrhea.

18 - () All foods have a sweetish taste. Bulimia and excessive thirst.
Great thirst for the chills, and no thirst during fever. Hiccups.
Regurgitation putrid or bitter. Vomiting food or bile (at night). Sensation of gastric emptying from 10 am till dusk, not relieved by eating. Gastralgias contractionary, with sensation of retraction.

19 pains in his stomach as cramping, pinching, from the navel to the flanks and hypochondria, with rumbling and feeling of fullness. Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen. Punctures in English. Liver cirrhosis.

20 - () Difficulty passing stool, feces very small. Diarrhea with abundant stools, dark or hemorrhagic, leaving involantariamente on urination or delete a fart, or moving, can not urinate without moving the belly at the same time, the patient thinks he is going to come out a fart, but simultaneously urine. Ano very sensitive, anal burning and pain, better by heat or hot baths. Hemorrhoids that protrude like a bunch of grapes, blue, very sensitive and painful to the slightest touch (with violent stitches), hot, hemorrhagic, not tolerate, or contact of toilet paper, that suddenly appear in children, in pregnancy, leaving after urinating or defecating, after the diarrhea or walking. The anus is very sensitive even without hemorrhoids, and worse during menstruation. Anal or rectal prolapse while urinating and during diarrhea. Pruritus ani. Sale black blood, liquid and decomposed; periodic bleeding.

21 - () weak stream when urinating, and out slowly. Weakness of the bladder, must wait a long time and do a lot of strength until urine flows, and is a rectal prolapse occurs with exertion.

22 scrotal itching not relieved by scratching. Excoriation of the foreskin.
Penis relaxed. Lack of sexual desire. Impotence.

23 - () Sense of bearing down in the uterus, as if the menses come. Sad and morose during menses, which are too early and copious. Can not bear the lightest touch on the vulva, which is very sensitive. Ulcers on the vulva with putrid secretion, and sensitivity.
Flow with low back pain.

24 Hoarseness, acute or chronic, with pain in the chest. Violent coughing followed by gurgling in his chest. Lancinating pains in the chest to move or inspire.
Sternal pain. Oppression.

25 - () Pulse small, weak, fast, intermittently every third beat.
Feel the heart palpitations or pounding in your face at night.

26 Pain in the back, as if he had been bent long time, or effort. Boils on the back.

27 - () Paralytic weakness and shoulder pain. Heaviness in the forearms, and cramp-like pain, or tearing in the hands and fingers. Voluptuous itching in the palms. Cramp-like pain in the thenar, writing. Fingers cold, pale and sleeping at night, as dead. Weakness in the thigh with a staggering gait. Scaly rash on the back of hands and tops of the fingers. Pruritic eruption on the thighs. Swollen knees. Disorders of the Achilles tendon, with very sharp pains, day and night, that make it difficult to sleep and walk. Painful ulcers, burning and putrid in the legs. Cold feet, tips of fingers swollen, red and burning. Burning heat in palms and soles.

28 Great daytime sleepiness disappears during exercise. Sleeplessness before midnight, with restlessness, whining, and slides down in bed.
He wakes up early and often because they feel cold in bed. Distressing dreams.

29 - () Voluptuous itching and tingling, wanting to scratch it. Sarna itching worse from warmth of bed. Boils that are painful when touched.
Putrid ulcers, painful, burning at the edges, which are bluish.
Black pustules. Anthrax. Papular and vesicular eruptions with intense itching. Eczema solar. Freckles. Pressure ulcers.

30 - () Typhoid fever or typical forms of scarlet fever (with petechiae) or diphtheria (see 16 and 17), mental symptoms (see 2), general (see 3), mouth (see 14 and 16) and rectum (see 20) already described. There are cold and shivering all over, with yawning and stretching, with external heat and burning in the face, cheeks hot and cold hands. Intense heat during fever, burning skin with a tendency to uncover, especially at night. Night sweats, especially before midnight, especially on the head and back. The fever usually accompanied by bleeding dark, clotted, foul-smelling. Yellow fever.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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