Adonis vernalis, antimonialis aethiops, Aethusa, Agaricus, Agnus castus, Agrimonia. Homeopathy

Adonis vernalis
Heart disease, particularly in cases related to rheumatism. Arrhythmias. Endocarditis (rheumatic).

Antimonialis aethiops
Scrofulous inflammations in the eyes. Cradle cap (face and scalp). Colitis mucosa.

Spasms, pain, vomiting followed by great exhaustion. Lactase deficiency (children's vomit immediately after taking).

Sensitivity to cold air. Sensation of a mass-tion inlaid in the epigastrium. Chorea minor (excessive motility). Tics. Excited states of training. Motor restlessness.

Agnus castus
Sexual weakness, leucorrhoea painless. Mental depression.

Action as an adjunct in hepatobiliary and skin diseases. Crural ulcer.

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