Aesculus glabra. Homeopathy

Aesculus glabra (Castano Asia)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Aesculus glabra
1 - Confusion with vertigo, followed by stupor and coma.
General symptoms of Aesculus glabra
2 - spasms and convulsions, followed by weakness. Earthquakes.
SPECIFIC Aesculus glabra
3 - () Vertigo: with instability, with fullness and heaviness cephalic, with blackouts, worse at night.
4 - absent stare without expression. Blurred vision or loss of vision.
5 - He speaks with difficulty. Nausea and vomiting. Feeling of fullness. Gastralgias as cramps.
6 - () Your site is the ultimate act straight, very painful hemorrhoidal tumors, dark purple, with constipation, dizziness and weakness in the sacrum and lower limbs. Stool hard, knotty. Constipation.
7 - () Cough caused by a sudden irritation of the throat. Sensation of a feather tickling in the throat, with hawking and expulsion of mucus finely streaked with blood.
8 - Weakness in the back. Trembling limbs. Contractions in the legs.