Aesculus hippocastanum. Homeopathy

Aesculus hippocastanum (White Chestnut, Bach - Horse Chestnut)
The mental state of this drug as a remedy by Bach, comes when, after a prejudice or an event disturbing, persistent thoughts are fixed, obsessive, constantly revolving around these circumstances, constitutes a real mental torture, the that the patient can not be free: if he should have said other words, use other arguments, questioned other things. This situation brings insomnia, inability to concentrate on something else, depression and fatigue.
(Chestnut Bud Bach - shoot or bud of horse chestnut)
According to Bach, is the remedy for those who have a strong tendency to repeatedly commit the same mistakes and have the same difficulties, since there was an inability to learn from experience either by indifference, by precipitation or lack of care or observation.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Aesculus hippocastanum
1 - () wakes domed, heavy, confused, not recognizing people, places or hours, unable to concentrate or fix the attention, with aversion to all work, grumpy, irritable, pierced, sad. You lose control fast and slowly recovering. This state is improved if you exercise. It is useful in children who wake up frightened and confused (Lyc.) (Hering).
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Aesculus hippocastanum
2 - () venous plethora, passive venous congestion, especially in the portal system and haemorrhoids. Varicose veins and varicose veins, visible veins, bluish and distended.
3 - () sensation of fullness, as if about to burst, as congested, "as if a large amount of blood in the party" (Allen): the head, ears, throat, stomach, liver, stomach, rectum, heart, lungs, feet and hands. External sensation of heaviness.
4 - () purple-red or bluish red shade of the affected parts (throat, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, ulcers, etc.)..
5 - () Worst: walking, motion, cold air, from inhaling cold air (nose and throat), Winter (hemorrhoids), after washing. Best: Summer and the heat of the stove, the better for moderate exercise (like all drugs venous [Puls]), worse during sleep and waking (see 1), worse after a hot bath.
6 - () The mucous membranes (mouth, throat and rectum) are swollen, hot, and dry and feels like raw.
SPECIAL of Aesculus hippocastanum
7 - () Vertigo sitting or walking. Stunning frontal or temporal headache, or stitches from right to left, or occipital, as if she crushed his head, with throbbing in the temporal arteries. All headaches are symptoms associated with clinical symptoms or sacral hemorrhoidal.
8 - () Eyes with "hemorrhoids" (Kent), highly vascular, red, itchy, hot, heavy, sore, with tears.
9 - () coryza with sneezing and feeling of dryness. Inspired air feels cold and is sensitive to it.
10 - pale, confused expression, it swells a lot and wash red patches appear.
11 - () Saliva warmly oil; teeth feel as if they were covered with oil. Burning sensation on the tongue.
12 - () pharynx distended and tortuous veins, varicose. Throat feels hot, hot, dry, raw, with a tendency to swallow swallowing often and stitches that extend to the ear. Throat and tonsils, purple or dark red, swollen, worse on the left, with sensation of fullness; sensitive to inspired air. Atrophic and follicular pharyngitis. Chronically sore throat, with hemorrhoids.
13 - Burning and spitting, belching, acid, bitter. Sensation of stone in the stomach.
14 - () painful sensation of fullness in the right upper quadrant (liver), worse when breathing or walking, extended to the back. Pain in the navel at night.
15 - () The rectum is the major site of action of Aesculus. Pain in the rectum, as if full of small sticks or needles, burning, warmth, heaviness, fullness, dryness and itching. The fullness and other discomforts are worse after a bowel movement and often accompanied by prolapse with dull pain in the back. Burning anus with chills up and down the back (Boericke). Rectal pain begins an hour after a bowel movement, continuing for 2 to 6 hours (Aloe, Sulfur). Hemorrhoids (one of the most important remedies), internal or external, purple, with a sore back, chronic, large, bleeding slightly (and that makes it better), with pain, worse while walking, sitting or standing; better kneeling or local heat, usually accompanied by throbbing pain sacro-lumbar; in pregnancy and menopause. Fissure and anal stricture. Portal stasis Constipation: stools dry, hard, difficult, first black, then white. Ascariasis.
16 - Urine hot, poor, obscure, rare. Pain in the left ureter.
17 - () Discharge of prostatic fluid during bowel movements or urination.
18 - () retropubic constant throbbing pain in the sacroiliac joints and lameness, often accompanied by a chronic flow, dark, post-menstrual worse, worse walking. Uterine Congestion, "feels your uterus.
19 - () Chronic Cough with thinning. Palpitations, touch sensation in the limbs. Heartburn and functional disorders in patients severely affected by hemorrhoids.
20 - () sacral or lumbosacral pain or sacroiliac joint or hips, worse from walking, worse from stooping or sitting up, almost unable to walk, limping (usually accompanies this pain to hemorrhoids, to flux, to constipation or rheumatism). Constant dull pain on his back: he can barely walk or bend over or get up from sitting. Sacroiliac subluxation easy during pregnancy, less walking, you should sit.
21 - () sense of paralysis in the arms, legs and spine, great weakness in lower limbs and spine (such as paralyzed) can barely walk. Cut the skin of the hands. He slept the fingertips. The hands and feet swell and become red and feeling of fullness after washing. The feet are turned to walk. Wandering pains in hands and elbows, better by heat. Varicose ulcers with purple areola, clumsy. Varices.
22 - Chills in Autumn, running up and down the back, worse at 16 hours. Fever of 19 to 24 hours.
SUPPLEMENTARY of Aesculus hippocastanum:
Follows well Nux Vomica, Sulfur and Collinsonnia, when they have generally eased, but did not act on the hemorrhoids.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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