Aethusa cynapium. Homeopathy

AETHUSA CYNAPIUM (Little Hemlock. Parsley's crazy)
1 - () You can not understand or think or concentrate, is unable to fix his attention, especially when reading or study, children or in cases of overwork or before an exam (a dose 200A. The morning of the examination and another before same [Foubister]), with anxiety and restlessness. "As if a barrier stood between the outside world objects and the organs of the senses" (Hering). Idiocy in children; oligophrenia, sometimes alternating with rage.
2 - () Delirium manic, mad, with hallucinations sees cats, dogs, rats running, insects.
3 - The worst in the dark. He is afraid to close my eyes to sleep, thinking that when you close your eyes but can not wake up.
T 4 - You have to leap through the window, often with suicidal intentions.
5 - Sad when alone. Speak slowly. Irritable outdoors.
6 - () Disorders violent start caused by the ingestion of milk. Children who can not tolerate milk (see 22), they can not digest.
7 - () in children or infants fed disorderly breastfed every time they cry, or in adult dyspeptic biting all day. During dentition, hot summer.
8 - () Major weakness: the child can not stand or sit or you can hold the head, with great prostration, exhaustion and severe drowsiness, falls asleep after vomiting, a bowel movement or a convulsion. Sets the classic picture of infant toxicosis with rapid weight loss.
9 - () Seizures in children, with his thumb stuck in the fist, red face, eyes turned down, unconscious, unresponsive, staring eyes, dilated pupils, foaming mouth, jaws clenched. Seizures rotation mild eyes to sleep.
10 - () Complete absence of thirst.
11 - () Worst: 3 to 4 am; in summer, for coffee, for the warmth of the bed by cold water, better walking outdoors and by the conversation, in the company.
Desire and aversion of AETHUSA CYNAPIUM
12 - () Aversion to milk.
13 - like wine, which makes it worse.
14 - () Vertigo with drowsiness and palpitations, can not lift his head, which is heated to stop the vertigo, worse looking up. Pressing headache in the forehead as tight a band or a lathe. Can not hold my head high. It has the feeling that you pull the hair. Periodic headaches. The head symptoms improve or expelling flatus of bowel movements. Sensation of swollen head, face and hands when washing or enter a room.
15 - () Photophobia cronica. Protruding eyes, shiny, or turned down (see 9). Chronic blepharitis at the edges. Hypertrophy Meibomius glands.
16 - Obstruction of the ears. He feels as if she had something hot.
17 - () Herpetic eruption on the tip of the nose. Frequent ineffectual desire to sneeze. Obstruction with thick mucus.
18 - () is marked accentuation of the nasolabial folds, giving the face an expression of great anxiety and pain.
19 - () neck and neck lymphadenopathy in rosary.
20 - () Feels very large tongue, or dry or moist, and white after drinking milk. Sialorrhea. Canker. Taste: sweet, salty, bitter, cheese, onions.
21 - thrush in the throat can not swallow.
22 - () There is total milk intolerance, especially in children or infants: sudden and violent vomits effort, gushing, milk just taken, terminated or, if after a while, in large blood clots yellowish or greenish, acids, being sweaty, weak, drowsy and sleepy for a while, or sleeps. On waking, hungry again, eats and vomits again. In adults regurgitate food an hour after ingestion, is invaluable "(Guernsey). Nausea at the sight of food. Violent and sudden vomiting, teething, a milky substance, frothy or yellow liquid, followed by buttermilk, and cheese. Tearing pains in the epigastrium, going to the esophagus.
23 - Colicos, with subjective and objective feeling in the stomach, which is sensitive.
24 - () Diarrhea greenish, watery, with violent tenesmus before or after, followed by sleep. Cholera infantum or older. Obstinate constipation.
25 - Enuresis with vomiting of curdled milk.
26 - () Menstruation suppressed by bathing.
27 - () excoriation between her thighs from walking. Elbow stiffness. Axillary adenopathy. Periarticular or itchy rashes in the creases. Tingling in the bones of the lower limbs. It shrinks the legs to be carried.
28 - Ecchymosis around the body. Blue and black spots. Anasarca.
29 - () Falling asleep after vomiting, a bowel movement or having a convulsion. Sueno with violent shaking.
30 - () Grand fever, no thirst. The entire surface of the body is cold and covered with a clammy sweat. The child wants to be well covered when it transpires.
Calcarea Carbonica.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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