Agaricus muscarius. Homeopathy

Agaricus muscarius (Hongo Loco)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Agaricus muscarius
1 - () Delirium with exaltation of forces, with extraordinary muscle strength, rabid. He escapes from the bed, does not recognize his own, throw things, speaks incoherently, sings, is very talkative and jump quickly from one topic to another, or is silent and refuses to answer questions, or nearly unconscious as drunk and out of this state only by asking questions. Rabies constant alcoholic dementia, delirium tremens. According to Talcott (quoted by Clarke), Agaricus clearly reproduces the table of general paresis: megalomania, boldly exaggerated mirth, excitement followed by depression, confusion and imbecility, vertigo with tendency to fall backward, excessive appetite, with strong sexual desire impotence, shaking with tremors, then exhaustion.
2 - () Disorders nervous about long-term studies: brain fatigue, aversion to physical work and mental health; finds great difficulty in concentrating. Children feeble-minded, they take to learn to talk and walk, are dumb, crude, heavy, worse in the morning, greatly enhancing the evening, when they are more clear, almost brilliant, they even make verses and prophecies. Misspoke, using wrong words, or his memory fails, as expressed or not remembering what you just did.
3 - () Aversion to being touched, makes it worse.
4 - () Starts at dusk, like jerks, they cease to sleep.
5 - Other mental capricious, moody, hates. Stubborn. Regardless, with a tendency to be seated. Undecided. He pities himself. Hug your friends and kisses his hands. Involuntary laughter pressing the spine.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Agaricus muscarius
6 - () Excessive involuntary muscle activity in the most various ways: shaking, trembling, jumpiness, myoclonus, tremor, choreic movements. All this hyperactivity ceases during sleep. Epileptic seizures suppressed eruptions or milk, or excitement or fright, with fall, every 7 days; worst post-coital, better by vomiting. Body convulsed as electrified. Catalepsy. Korea, pretormentas worse.
7 - () Effects of freezing localized frostbite (on face, ears, nose, hands, feet and toes), unbearably itchy and burning, which are aggravated by cold (the opposite of Pulsatilla in chilblains). The affected parts are red, swollen and hot. Agaricus is very sensitive to cold, not only considered as etiological factors: worse by cold air (extremely sensitive), worse for cold drinks. The common cold is a sensation in the symptoms of Agaricus (see 8 -17 -21 -27 -28 -32 -33).
8 - () And, moreover, is very characteristic the painful sensation as if poked or touched needles of ice, or ice cold sensation after scratching. The opposite also can be seen: as hot needles.
9 - () Worse after intercourse: fainting, seizures, sacral pains, profuse sweating, etc.., Worse after sexual excesses (prostration or nervous depression and spinal disorders).
10 - () Tingling or crawling, especially feet, spine and muscles. Sense of sleep.
11 - () People living alone, thin, with weak circulation. Drinkers: your headaches or to the effects of drunkenness, or palpitations tumultuous, with red nose.
12 - () cross Laterality of symptoms, predominantly in upper left and lower right.
13 - () Modalities worse sitting, worse off, better by motion after motion worse, worse pressure; worse tomorrow, worse before a storm, worse by sunlight.
14 - () Dolores as thorns.
15 - tachycardia after bowel movements. Weakness from the slightest exertion, worse during menstruation. Fainting from hearing about, for perfumes, vinegar.
SPECIFIC Agaricus muscarius
16 - () Vertigo by strong sunlight, and walking.
17 - () head in constant motion. The head falls backwards (as if he weighed the neck). Pain like a nail in the right parietal, worse sitting still, better roaming. Frontal headache in the morning, extended to the root of the nose, epistaxis or thick mucus secretion, headaches alcoholic beverages or sexual excesses, in choreic or study hard. Sensation of cold as ice on the head, worse from scratching. Headache as icy needles. Sensation of enlargement of the head; want shelter. Cephalohematoma right.
18 - () Reads with difficulty, because the letters are moving. Asthenopia by prolonged visual efforts. Myopia. Double vision, or cloudy. Spasmodic twitching of eyelids and eyeballs, worse pretormentas. Nystagmus, side to side, tilting, rapid, involuntary, convulsive. Floaters brown. The eyes rotate. The edges of the eyelids itch, burn, chafe. If you hold an object, the hand is not going near it. Corneal ulcers. Lacrimation, cough worse. Lacrimal gland swelling.
19 - () chilblains on their ears, are as frozen, red, burn and itch. Jerks. Noises.
20 - () Epistaxis in old (Secale) and during headache or blowing in the morning. Tip of nose red-blue, like ice (useful in the red nose of drunks [Ledum). Fetida nasal discharge, bloody and profuse. It covers her nose when bending. Pain was the root of the nose for the headaches. Spasmodic sneezing coughing at the end.
21 - () Face with idiotic expression, with shaking. Feel stiff muscles of the face, facial paralysis. Dolores terebrantes, lancinating, on the right cheek. Facial neuralgia like needles of ice flow through the nerves.
22 - () Grinds teeth sleeping. Tongue dry, trembling, white, Phagedenic ulcers, and also in the frenulum. Stuttering by excitement.
23 - () does not tolerate or clothing constriction in the neck. Induration of tonsils. Throat dry, he swallowed hard. Stitches that go to hearing.
24 - Eructations taste of rotten eggs (Arnica) or apples. Gastric pains acute liver disease.
25 - () Sharp, stitches in liver and spleen in navel. Trembling and shaking in the stomach, with cramps and noise. I feel empty after a bowel movement. Distended belly.
26 - Diarrhea in Children. Flatus foul toilets, hot (Aloe). Piles with itching and burning pain. Tenesmus, worse after stool. Constipation with noise during pregnancy.
27 - () Urine milky after noon. It has the feeling that the urine comes out cold, "may include cold drops" (Hering), and leaks involuntarily. Military drop urethral itching.
28 - () male genitals cold and cramped. Increased sexual desire, no erection. Delayed ejaculation, painful and incomplete. Burning pain in the urethra during intercourse.
29 - () vulvar itching intolerable and voluptuous, with flow. Bearingdown intolerable pain in the uterus, better lying down; at menopause, in women fragile, nervous. Worse during menstruation (headache, toothache) and ending (cardiac symptoms and prolapse). Itching and burning in the nipples. Spasmodic dysmenorrhea. Prolapse after menopause.
30 - () Hoarseness sing. Laryngeal irritation Cough, paroxysmal, with repeated while coughing or sneezing at the end; worse on waking in the morning or night or after lying down or sleep, with expectoration of tough mucus balls, must sit up, cough shakes; to play the ear canal. Incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. Tip through the right lung. Tightness in the diaphragm and tightness in the chest.
31 - () palpitations on waking in the morning and evening. Premature ventricular beats throughout the body. Corazon tumultuous in tea and coffee drinkers and smokers.
32 - () stiffness of spine, with the feeling that he will break if you try to bend. Pain in spine, worse resting on the back of the chair, motion, stooping, after dinner, very sensitive to touch, but in the dorsal region, and sometimes in each vertebra. Lumbosacral pain that forced him to lie down, can not get worse sitting, better lying down, moves the worst while, stomach, worse standing, walking, motion or turn around, spread your legs. Extended cold down the back, as if run cold water over the column.
33 - () clumsiness and incoordination of the hands and lower limbs on walking trips, ataxia, dropped his hands things as if its membership was not him. Rheumatic stiffness in hands and fingers, especially the left. Tremor, worse grasp an object. Convulsive movements and spasmodic jerking in the extremities (see 6); chorea. Chilblains, worse in hands, feet and toes, and frozen. Hands and feet were red, hot, painful and itchy. Painful corns. Cold as ice sheets. He feels as dislocated joints. Pains in the bones of the lower limbs, worse at night (in the legs) and worse in the warm morning, worse sitting or standing, better by warmth of bed, walking, motion, periosteal pain, growing pains in children. Tearing, worse sitting, better in motion. Pain in thighs when crossing your legs. Cramp in the soles of the feet at night. Paralysis in limbs, with pain. Paraplegia early in each pregnancy. Uncover the feet.
34 - () sleepiness after lunch or dinner. Paroxysms of yawning. Yawns and finishes laughing. Shaking sleep, wakes often.
35 - () Chills outdoor or cold air or uncovering or undressing; down.
36 - () Fever in the upper body.
37 - () Sweat: before noon, for the least effort or walking.
38 - () red skin, itching, tingling, burning and swollen, and frozen. Sebaceous tumors. Gangrene. Angioneurotic edema. Swollen veins with cold skin.