Agnus castus, Ailanthus, Alchemilla, Aletris, Aloe, Alumina, Ambra. Homeopathy

Agnus castus (Vitex)
Sexual weakness. Leucorrhoea painless. Psychiatric disorders.

Ailanthus glandulosa (Ailanthus)
Infectious diseases and septic course with prostration, weakness and delirium.

Alchemilla vulgaris (alquemila)
Headache. Purifying agent of the Sangha. Astringent.

Aletris farinosa (Aletris farinosa)
Anemia. Physical weakness. States of exhaustion.

Aloe (Aloe)
Diarrhea morning. Dysentery. Gastroenteritis. Colitis simple. Faecal incontinence.

Alumina (clay)
Great weakness and exhaustion, as well as irritability. Headache. Dryness of mucous membranes of the skin. Chronic catarrh of the mucous. Bladder paresis.
Headache. Rectal atony. Hard, dry stools.

Ambra (Ambergris)
Vertigo. Hyperexcitability. Difficulty concentrating and impaired memory. Spasmodic nervous cough.

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