Agnus castus. Homeopathy

Agnus castus (chaste tree)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Agnus castus
1 - () Great sadness, obsession with safe, repeats often that he will die soon (not immediately, as Aconitum) and there is nothing to do about it. Not only has this feeling or sensation, sometimes very vivid, it dies, but is also an irrational fear of dying. Fear of waking. We see this state especially in the puerperal agalactia.
2 - () Discernment and understanding diminished; this as absent, can not fix the attention, has trouble concentrating, especially when studying or reading, should re-read something to understand it (Lyc., Sep., Phos. Ac.). Forgetful, forget the shopping, the leaves; forgets what to do.
3 - () Sad, discouraged, weary of life, discontented with himself, lamenting his wasted life. Neurasthenia or sexual melancholy. Indifference.
4 - () olfactory hallucinations: Create feel smell of moss, herring, pickled.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Agnus castus
5 - () The pathology of Agnus is focused primarily on sexuality (see 19). It is indicated especially in cases of premature senility, premature, sexual abuse (masturbation, frequent nocturnal ejaculation or loss of prostatic fluid), with melancholia, apathy (see 3), self-deprecation. Former sinners or young people who have abused their power sexual impotence and sexual organs with cold and relaxed (see 19). Single people with nervous debility. In ancient times was used to repress sexual desire, hence its name.
6 - () Effects of repeated gonorrhea or suppressed (Allen).
7 - () Grand trend strains, sprains and dislocations.
8 - () Disorders wet feet.
9 - () I want to open.
SPECIAL of Agnus castus
10 - vertex headache, better looking at a point.
11 - () Mydriasis, photophobia. Itching in the eyes.
12 - Ringing in the ears, with hearing loss.
13 - Itching or tingling in the cheeks. Heats in the face, with cold knees, worse at night in bed.
14 - Toothache for drinks or hot food.
15 - () Taste Metallic. No thirst.
16 - () Belching (and flatus) with stale urine smell.
17 - () It always maintains the belly with his hands, because he feels that there is loss or pressed down the viscera (or is afraid that they will fall off). Ascites. Rumbling in the belly when you sleep. Spleen sore, swollen, indurated.
18 - () Diarrhea in children, chronic diarrhea in adults. Soft stool, difficult, regressing. Deep anal fissures, painful to walk. Ascariasis.
19 - () complete impotence, there are very incomplete erections or with sexual desires absent or greatly reduced, penis and testicles with cold and flaccid, penis small, cold, relaxed. Especially in chronic or recurrent gonorrhea (see 5).
20 - () Secretion blennorrhagic chronic urethral, yellowish. Gleet. Sale prostatic fluid during stool.
21 - () Cash transparent egg white, staining yellow. Hypogalactia or suppression of milk in the puerperium, sadly, and says he is going to die soon. Retained placenta. Women with sexual instincts totally absent frigidity. Sterility with amenorrhea and lack of desire. Mlasturbacion. Metrorrhagia.
22 - Tabacal tachycardia in young neurotic. Dyspnea when climbing stairs.
23 - () cold knees. The hands sweat, worse walking in open air. He twisted ankles easily when walking. Rheumatic and gouty pains, with nodules in the joints of the fingers in particular.
SUPPLEMENTARY of Agnus castus
Caladium and Selenium follow well into impotence.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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