Ailanthus glandulosa. Homeopathy

AILANTHUS Glandular (The Tree of Heaven)
1 - () Stupor with sighs insensitivity. This semi-conscious, does not recognize anyone, do not understand what you say and can not correctly answer the questions asked. This picture, with great physical prostration, accompanies febrile states.
2 - () muttering delirium, with insomnia and anxiety. Cree see rats running around you or feel like a rat or a snake will climb up the leg "(Kent).
3 - Has everyone forgotten his past, or only remembered as something read, or belonging to another person. Everything seems unreal.
4 - Great anxiety, restlessness and irritability. Talk and complain in a dream.
5 - () This especially useful in adynamic feverish very sharp and great prostration with just beginning the disease: malignant scarlatina (see 14), septicemia, typhoid, diphtheria (see 14), puerperal fever estreptococeemias (Boericke).
6 - Laterality left.
7 - Worst of tomorrow. Better lying on right side.
8 - feeling of fullness.
9 - () You have dizziness made worse when sitting, with intense frontal headaches and hot head, with sensation of fullness. Electric current sensation from head to extremities.
10 - () Eyes congested, red, with a scare to wake him. Photophobia and mydriasis.
11 - () Runny nose heavy, bloody, offensive. Congested nostrils. Coryza hay (Farrington).
12 - () Face red, hot, dark purple, with eruption. Freckles. Parotid swollen and painful.
13 - () Tongue dry, brown, cracked, with tip and pale edges. Teeth covered with tartar or sordes. Breath very offensive.
14 - () throat and pharynx very swollen, red-dark purple, with prominent tonsils with deep ulcerations that exude a foul-smelling discharge scanty, with intense pain that prevent him from swallowing (or hurt the ears when swallowing), or dry aspera, sore, swollen and tender neck, with lymphadenopathy. Cryptic tonsillitis.
15 - () Thirst for cold drinks, whiskey. Hunger during chill.
16 - () Watery diarrhea, offensive, gets dirty when urinating. Intestinal Parasites.
17 - Oliguria or anuria, urination.
18 - () rapid breathing, heavy, irregular.
19 - () Rashes plates slow onset of blue, purple or dark red, the pressure disappears and reappears very slowly, or rash miliary livid spots, mainly located on the face and forehead, although there may be throughout the body. Petechiae; hemophilia. Blisters on the fingertips, full of dark serum. Raynaud's Disease.