Aletris farinosa. Homeopathy

Aletris farinosa
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Aletris farinosa
1 - () Can not concentrate or work. Confusion. Mental and physical depression, worse afternoon and evening.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Aletris farinosa
2 - () is always tired. Great weakness, especially in women, poor nutrition or prolonged illness and is associated mainly with problems of their genital (see 10) or after menstruation or white discharge. Is the "China" from the female genital organs (Hale).
3 - () People emaciated, weak, anemic.
4 - () Fainting with vertigo.
SPECIFIC Aletris farinosa
5 - Sensation of heaviness occipital, as if the cababeza thrown backward.
6 - () Anorexia, with aversion to food and indigestion easy with gastric heaviness. Obstinate vomiting of pregnancy. Nausea, better by drinking coffee.
7 - () flatulent colic in thinner people. Hypogastric pains, worse by bending, stretching backwards better, best for diarrhea scarce.
8 - () Constipation inveterate by rectal atony. Stools large, hard, who evacuated with great difficulty and pain. Frequent ineffectual urging.
9 - Incontinence of urine when sneezing, coughing or walking fast.
10 - () Menses frequent and profuse, like labor pains. Passive haemorrhages, with large clots, black. O amenorrhea or scanty menstruation and far between. Heaviness in the hypogastric, uterine prolapse with right groin pain, infertility, habitual tendency to abortion caused problems all in a true uterine muscle atonia. Thick, white, stringy, weakness, anemia, loss of body fluids, malnutrition or prolonged illness.
11 - () Cough, worse from talking, suddenly disappears on the occurrence of menstruation (Hale). Pain in the left breast, as if by a knife.
12 - Pain in the sacrum, with discharge, with walking.
13 - Chronic Rheumatism.