Alfred Vogel, Bioforce and Medicinal Plants

Nature's Pharmacy
The herbal pharmacy that Nature is not only accessible and open to human beings. Animals also make certain plants in small quantities when states have diarrhea or intestinal worms. We can not forget that human beings found their first remedies in nature. There was then a major problem: the difference between the toxic dose and the proper remedies. Only through the centuries, after repeated trials and errors, the traditional herbal medicine was settled and refined.

Alfred Vogel knew from the outset that for a flat would optimally exercise its medicinal effects should grow in soil intact. So only collected where nature was in order and from the beginning been advocating and fighting for the maintenance of a floor "clean" prerequisite for the healthy growth of all life carrier.

Except for some alpine plants, fresh plants by Alfred Vogel used for therapeutic purposes in diet products and body care come from fields in which to strictly follow the strict Swiss rules on organic farming (Swiss organic agriculture law).

The importance of the whole plant
Vogel A second rule was used medicinal parts of the plant with all its components come that clashed sharply with the practice of conventional medicine, only interested in isolating the active principles of plants, find the chemical formula and try to synthesize later in the laboratory.

Alfred Vogel believed that employ isolated products, whether one or more active ingredients of the natural composition of plants was a mistake.

Recent investigations have given the reason, since many of the accompanying substances of the plants used in herbal medicine also exert effects of interest. To this we must add that the natural unit of active substances and companions often offer a better tolerance of the former. In some cases, these accompanying substances significantly reduce the side effects that drugs can produce active compounds isolated.

How acting medicinal plants
Folk medicine and empirical practice comes from the old traditions. Formerly employed various plants against many ailments, but it was long disregarded the "how" and "why" from a scientific standpoint. In the nineteenth century the era of pharmacological study of the modus operandi of the plants (mechanisms of action).

At that time it began, including through chemical processes, the isolation of active principles of medicinal plants used in folk medicine. Began to sprout a whole industry that became available remedies with active isolated or prepared synthetically. This new industry was soon imposed, leaving the hitherto traditional herbal medicine.

Alfred Vogel and many scientists contributed their work to put in the foreground on the phytotherapy, which had been relegated to second place. Through their desire to learn, to their research activity and the Foundation Bioforce, with his competent research team, the traditional use of medicinal plants has given way to modern herbal medicine, where rigorous controls and additional clinical research are the order of the day.

The work of biologists and chemists in the isolation and analysis of active principles have encouraged the revival of herbal medicine. The questions were many skeptics of the "how, how and why" can be investigated and confirmed in many cases with the experimental results obtained with the medicinal plants, although it is true that despite progress, there are still plants of which no sufficient knowledge to explain their undeniable effects.

Quality Control
As happens in every living organism, the healthy development of plants depend on external and internal conditions. Alfred Vogel always made sure that the plants would use later in developing his remedies under the best conditions to grow.

Bioforce Another effort is and has been achieving high levels of quality in its products that remain unchanged. This has cared for the soil, water and air, and that the plants used were from controlled biological cultivation, they were planted in the most appropriate, for use of own produced seeds and the plants were collected at the right time.

Currently, thanks to modern possibilities of analysis, it can correct the inevitable natural variations of plants and ensure the maintenance of high quality levels.

Source: Bioforce

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