Allergic rhinitis. Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies

Treatments and Remedies for allergic rhinitis
Allergic rhinitis
Allergic reactions of the pituitary. It is a form of allergic manifestation attributed to an abnormal sensitivity to different substances in the environment (allergens such as pollens, dust, mold). According to the case, causing itching or itchy nose, repeated sneezing, watery nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, and so on.

Medicine for rhinitis with Medicinal Herbs: Thyme, Echinacea, Rosemary, Elder, black currant.

Medicine for rhinitis with Hydrotherapy: nose washes of water and salt water or clay, or a decoction of Euphrasia.

Medicine for conHomotoxicologia Rhinitis: Luffa comp.-Heel got. passages. c) Euphorbium comp. (ga), Euphorbium comp.-Nasal Drops (nebu. Nasal), Mucosa comp. (a).

Medicine for allergic rhinitis with Homeopathy
- Watery discharge from the nose, irritating, watery eyes, repeated sneezing, aggravated by the hot air: Allium cepa
- Watery discharge from the nose, non-irritating, irritating tearing, sneezing repeated aggravation outdoors and by wind: Euphrasia officinalls
- Nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, tearing irritant, sneezing at the smell of flowers, itching or itching in the palate: Sabadilla
- Watery discharge from the nose, sneezing, nasal obstruction, itching or itching in ears, worse at night and the heat: Nux Vomica
- Runny nose and watery eyes burning, draining, compounded by heat and night: Kali iodatum
- Nasal discharge draining, dry and burning nose. Solo hypersensitive to smells, flowers, with perversion of smell (onions you smell burnt). Obstruction Nasal polyps. Red cheeks: Sanguinaria canadnesis

Atrophic rhinitis
The characterized by atrophy of the mucosa, submucosa, and glands turbinates.

Medicine for atrophic rhinitis with homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Euphorbium comp. (ga), Euphorbium comp.-Nasal Drops (nebu. Nasal), Mucosa comp. (a)

Rhinitis viral, bacterial
Inflammation of the lining of the nostrils. Is due to a viral or bacterial infection, colloquially known as common cold.

Medicine for rhinitis with homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Euphorbium comp. (G.A.) Euphorbium comp.
(Allergic) nasal drops (nebu. Nasal), Echinacea comp. forte (a) Engystol (ca), Naso-Heel (g), Luffa comp.-Heel (got. passages. c.)

Medicine for rhinitis with Thalassotherapy: Quinton isotonic.
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