Allium cepa. Anacardium orientale. Homeopathy

Allium cepa (onion family of Liliaceae, which is used bulb)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Allium cepa
1 .- coryza: infectious, allergic rhinitis, spasmodic, characterized by a spill flowing watery, profuse, burning, excoriating, preceded by sneezing. Tearing is not irritating. Laryngeal cough spasmodic pain.

Allium cepa: It is worse: the heat in a warm room.

Allium cepa: Amelioration to fresh air.

Anacardium orientale (Semecarpus anacardium)
As a result of sexual excesses, after a significant intellectual work.

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Anacardium orientale
1 .- Hyperphagia in too large or obese individuals willing to eat against their will.

2 .- fatigue, memory loss and headaches for students, when there is an intellectual overactivity. Printing feature split personality.

3 .- Headache, digestive disturbances, skin manifestations that are ameliorated by eating.

4 .- Manifesti oflictenular vesicular cutaneous type similar to those for Rhus toxicondendron.

5 .- pains that are relieved by eating gastroduodenal, gastric ulcers.

Anacardium orientale is exacerbated by the mental labor when the stomach is empty.

Anacardium orientale: Amelioration of all eating disturbances.

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