Allium cepa. Homeopathy

1 - () worse in a warm room, better going outdoors and worse again when re-entering the room, especially the headaches (see 8), colds (see 11) and cough (see 19). Best in cool room.
2 - () Effects of exposure to weather and cold winds and wet, cold Spring, wet feet. Catarrhal inflammation of mucous membranes, with increased secretion.
3 - () neuralgic pains like a long thread, thread-like, worse in evening, face, head, neck, thorax.
4 - () Burning: in eyelids, nose, throat, bladder, skin.
5 - () worse at rest, moving better, worse lying down, afternoon and evening.
6 - () Prevalence of symptoms in the left or from left to right.
Desire and aversion of Allium cepa
7 - () I want raw onion.
8 - () Headaches with coryza, worse in a warm room and in the evening, better in the open air during menstruation and disappears then reappears.
9 - () Burning eyes, stinging, you have to rub (Puls). Tearing soft, non-irritating, too, during coryza, worse left side, warm room, better outdoors. Red eyes with photophobia. The letters are smaller and, yawning, close objects seem distant. Stitches in the tear duct.
10 - () Acute pain, perforation, in-ear and horns (Puls, Cham.). Earache in children. Purulent otorrhea.
11 - () "Allium Cepa covers common cold symptoms more than any other drug" (Clarke), the nose is the center of action of this remedy. Acute coryza with copious discharge, watery and extremely acrid, worse left side, in the evening, in a warm room, and often "leaks from the tip of the nose" (Allen), excoriating nostrils and upper lip with lacrimation non-irritant (see 9; Euphrasia is otherwise). Constant or frequent sneezing, worse in the morning to get out of bed and dusk, when entering a warm room, better outdoors. Annual coryza, "hay fever (hay fever), worse in autumn and spring, the smell of flowers or peaches; Pampero wind, warm room, the left side, in the evening, better outdoors. It's just a product of the crisis. Coryza in scarlet fever. Nasal polyps. Dry nose, blocked. Epistaxis. Postnasal discharge.
12 - left facial paralysis, with polyuria. Trismus after injury.
13 - () Toothache with coryza (or alternating with the intensity of the secretion), worse in a warm room or warm drinks, better by cold water or cold air. Stained teeth, yellow. Sweetish taste.
14 - () Sore throat to ears, worse on the right. Foreign body sensation in the throat, or cold, or feel numb.
15 - Canine hunger, which disappears when you start eating. PYLORIC pain. Sed, belching, nausea.
16 - () Groin pain, spermatic cord extended, strangulated inguinal hernia. Periumbilical pain worse sitting, better walking. Colicos from wet feet, turn cold, eating too much, cucumbers or salad; in children, worse sitting, better moving or removing flatus. Colicky babies, "is wonderful" (Kent).
17 - () Flatus offensive and humid, worse morning (Nat-s). Anal fissure, pruritus.
18 - () Foamy urine and iridescent (Hering); drips involuntariarnente (in old). Bladder and prostate pain after intercourse. Kidney pain.
19 - () persistent cough by breathing in cold, by laryngeal tickling, worse in a warm room, laryngeal pain is sharp, especially when coughing, it seems that it would burst or rupture the larynx or a rake that feels like it scraped up, which leads him to hang from the beginning to cough. Tickling laryngeal hoarseness. Feeling of constriction in the epiglottis. Pertussis. Oppression of breathing.
20 - () Pain under right scapula, worse after sitting. Hot it down or up the back.
21 - () neuritis or neuralgia in the stumps of amputees, traumatic neuritis old wounds. Ulcers on the heel and scratches by friction of shoes; blisters. Chilblains on the fingers, worse in the thumb with lymphangitis up the arm, with periungual pain intense, desperate. Hand tremor when writing. Sweaty palms. Weakness in the hip, preventing intercourse. Phlebitis. Senile gangrene.
22 - He wakes up at 2 a.m. Water sounds, battles, heights, storms.
Shosphorus - Thuya - Pulsatilla.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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