Allium sativum. Homeopathy

Allium sativum (Garlic)
MENTAL SYMPTOM OR Pathogenesis of Allium sativum

1 - () is afraid of not recovering, of never being good, not to tolerate any medicine, of being poisoned.

2 - Cry sleeping. Sadness when alone.

3 - Eager, anxious. Pulses run, to escape. Do not tolerate anything or nothing of what you want is satisfied.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Allium sativum
4 - () Especially useful in eaters, especially meat, drink little and select their meals, with a tendency to obesity. Dyspeptic.

5 - () Worse for reading (Cina) aloud, by changes in temperature, cold, wet weather, the morning upon waking, or early evening.

6 - () is a vasodilator, and "after 30 to 45 minutes of a dose of 20 to 40 drops of tincture begins to decrease blood pressure (Bocricke).

7 - Pressing pains inside out or pinching and burning, which begin and end gradually.

Desire and aversion of Allium sativum
8 - Desire for Butter.

SPECIAL of Allium sativum
9 - Vertigo to stare at something for a long time, or rising from a chair.

10 - () Frontal headache with heaviness, which almost prevents you from opening the eyes, the better the onset of menses, worse later. Dandruff. Baldness.

11 - () Flushing eye which makes each night while attempting to read.

12 - blue the left ear hearing loss. Cerumen hard crusts.

13 - coryza with pressive pains in the root of the nose. Epistaxis on blowing at night.

14 - () Sensation of hair on the tongue, night and morning on waking, worse reading aloud. Gums that bleed. Sialorrhea sweet after meals. Pale tongue with red papillae. Bueales symptoms worse reading.

15 - Sensation of something cold or hot steam that rises to the throat.

16 - () voracious appetite. Belching burning. The slightest change in diet brings digestion disorders. Heartburn; very sensitive to the slightest pressure. Stone Weight or sensation in the stomach, better sitting or pressing forward with both hands, walking intolerable pain.

17 - () Intense pain in the belly, as if twisting the intestines, worse with each step you take, better lying down. All content appears pulling belly down. Colicos gases that can not be expelled. Constipation with constant pain in the abdomen. Stool first consistent, then watery and hot. Hemorrhoids. Anal prolapse. Parasitosis.

18 - () Menses profuse. And excoriated vulva and thigh pain during menstruation, with breasts swollen and painful when touched.

19 - () with difficult expectoration bronchial catarrh, gelatinous. Bronchiectasis with fetida expectoration, cough from smoking, which causes foul breath (Chapters). Rales constant bronchi. Asthma. Coughing after eating or outdoors. Hemoptysis. Pulmonary tuberculosis: cough and sputum production decreases, the temperature returns to normal, gain weight and sleep becomes regular "(Boericke).

20 - () Rheumatic pain in the hip. Pain in the psoas and iliac muscles, worse from slightest movement, walking. His hands peel, sweaty palms, dry heat on the back. The legs do not grow as fast as the rest of the body. Legs weak, the child learns to walk; marasmus. Plant your feet warm.

21 - Sensitive skin, dry. The skin is tight joint.

COMPLEMENTARY of Allium sativum
Arsenicum Album.

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