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ALOE (Aloe Socotrine)
1 - () has premonitions of approaching death, life is a burden for him, does not want to move.
2 - () Aversion to all intellectual work that much fatigue, exhausted leaves.
3 - () This unhappy and irritable with yourself or with their disorders, especially when constipated or have pain, better outdoors. He hates people, wants to be alone. Moodiness in cloudy weather,
4 - () "There is no richer in medicine symptoms of portal congestion" (Boericke) (see 18 and 19). Acts on the portal venous system and small pelvis.
5 - () Sense of fulfillment: in liver, stomach, intestine, rectum, hemorrhoids (see 19).
6 - () Adapted especially to people lazy, tired, have an aversion to physical and mental work (which the fatigue), in elderly women constitution loose, relaxed, in lymph, in old beer drinkers. Extreme prostration with sweat. Ill effects of habits or sedentary lifestyle.
7 - () Diseases of mucous membranes, with mucous secretion in pieces as gelatin, especially of the throat and rectum.
8 - () Methods: worse after eating or drinking (colic and diarrhea) or eating oysters or shellfish out of season, for beer, heat in summer and warm in wet weather, for sedentary life to the morning early. Better from cold and open air, cold applications, removing flatus.
9 - () is a clarifier of symptoms, symptoms caused by drugs removed, when there is a lot of blending of symptoms of the disease and medicated.
Desire and aversion ALOE
10 - () I want salt, fruits and juices. Aversion to meat.
11 - () frontal headaches with nausea and heaviness, forcing him to squint, better by cold applications, worse heat, every step. Headache alternates with lumbago, hemorrhoids, and intestinal and uterine affections, for insufficient stool or constipation.
12 - () Dolores deep in orbits. Squinting during the headaches. Go yellow rings or streaks that move. Eyes red.
13 - hates the sounds or noises, make it tremble. Hey cracking when chewing, or a sudden explosion sound in left ear, like breaking glass.
14 - Tip of nose cold, and red to cold air. Epistaxis awakening.
15 - () very red lips (Sulfur), dry, cracked; subicterico tint.
16 - acid or bitter taste. Varicosities in the pharynx. Ejects pieces of thick gelatinous mucus.
17 - () Just eat or drink, to rush to move your bowels. Hunger during diarrhea (Petrol.). Castralgia to take a false step. Belching bitter.
18 - () Rumbling in the belly after dinner (Kent), with fullness, heaviness, distention and bowel sounds are heard at a distance, worse before a bowel movement, it seems that it would burst. Great flatulence, pressing down with Fleet Broadcast burning hot, loud, copious, offensive, that some relief. Pains go forth from the womb (Chel.) with a sensitivity to touch. Sense of "bearing-down" or lower abdominal heaviness, worse off, with an urgent desire to defecate. Colicos iliacn cutting in right fossa, worse before and during defecation, all pains cease after a bowel movement, leaving a feeling of extreme weakness, almost fainting, with profuse sweating. Colicos These crises are preceded by obstinate constipation. Feeling of lump between pubis and coccyx, with an urgent desire to defecate. Upset, tension and liver pain, worse off, better by bending (a major hepatic drug). Periumbilical pain, worse pressure.
19 - () The rectal symptoms that I usually determine its indication. The stools, though they are solid, especially at the depart involuntarily flatus, or urination at night in bed, unsure of its sphincter, does not trust him; has the feeling of loss of sphincter contraction, the slope of the , it seems that every time you delete a fart, something is going to stool, not sure that will come out; always afraid of leaving fecal matter, people who always make a mess your underwear (Schmidt). Urgent and compelling desire, sharp, a bowel movement, with great difficulty to hold stool, which rises early from bed (from 3 to 9 am [Sulphurl), or when passing flatus hot, which is the only thing that eliminates, quickly becoming the urgency, rectal sensation and burning anal plug after flatus. Constant desire to move the belly: the morning on waking (or awake), after eating or drinking, rising, when standing, urinating, to remove gases. Diarrhea with the characteristics already expressed in a stream, with plenty of flatulence, yellow or bloody feces in large pieces gelatinous, transparent, for anger, beer, fruit, worse in summer, standing or walking, after eating or drinking. Constipation. Hemorrhoids blue, packages such as grapes, hot, painful (not tolerate the slightest touch), bleeding, worse during menstruation, better by cold applications, with intense anal itching and burning that prevent sleep.
20 - () Urinary incontinence in older, prostate hypertrophy with bearing down sensation and nocturia. Every time you urinate, feels like a piece out of feces.
21 - Increased sexual desire in men, worse after waking up and eating. Penis wrinkled and cold.
22 - () Labor-like pains in the uterus, rectum and spread to thighs. Menses early and abundant, with rectal heaviness. Uterus prolapse bearing down, stop and worse during menstruation; utero heavy, do not let it walk. Metrorrhagia of menopause.
23 - Cough in winter. Dyspnea with liver spots the thorax. Hemoptysis.
24 - () Lumbago, alternating with headaches and hemorrhoids. Pain in sacrum, worse sitting and moving.
25 - Hot, dry skin, no fever, itching in winter. Is uncovered at night in bed (Kent).
Sulfur. It seems to Sulfur, Aesculus and Kali Bichromicum.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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