Aloe Vera. Fibra Liquid

Fibra Liquid contains Aloe Vera Aloe Vera, Fibersol2 (natural soluble fiber derived from corn, not genetically manipulated) and fig extract.
This unique blend as well as delivering a delicious taste, helps maintain regularity and digestive system contributes to much of the fiber necessary for its proper functioning.
Aloe Vera juice comes directly from the plant. It is an important digestive aid, promotes intestinal transit and have the ability to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Fig extract was included in the formula because of its regulatory properties and beneficial widely known, and is especially rich in dietary fiber.
Fibersol2 is the first water-soluble dietary fiber in the world, extracted from natural corn starch. Fibersol 2 is low in calories and being prebiotic promotes the growth and activity of friendly bacteria (prebiotics) in the intestine.
The shortcomings of fiber in the diets of the Western world, due to changes in diets of recent times (foods rich in saturated fats, preservatives, ready meals, fast food, etc..) Can cause disease or physiological disorders.
Soluble fiber (Fibersol2), unlike insoluble fiber, which is only indicated in cases of constipation, have more comprehensive benefits.