Alstonia. Homeopathy

ALSTONIA (Alstonia constricta or scholaris - Bitter Root)
1 - Worst: strain. Better: lying.
2 - Great weakness and prostration (often with fever and diarrhea). Anemia. Excessive lactation disorders.
3 - pale face reddening by the lower excitation (Ferrum).
(4 - () Tongue with dirty white coat, but at the base. Nausea before breakfast. Vomiting of pregnancy. Sensation of emptiness and languor in the stomach and abdomen, with sensation of bearing down, the hypogastric, as if would come out around the vulva (Sepia). Food seem to be very long in the stomach as undigested. Gastralgia from the left side of stomach backward. diarrhea of undigested food soon after eating, should leave the table without finishing eat (Ferrum). Dysentery, bloody stools. Diarrhea from unsafe water or malaria. painless watery stools.
5 - Flow and bearing down, worse walking. Sensation of swelling in the right ovary.
6 - When asleep, wakes up suddenly with violent palpitations and pounding in the arteries, speaking with feeling asleep.
7 - () Malaria with diarrhea and bad digestion. Tonic after exhausting fevers.