Alumen. Homeopathy

ALUME (Potassium alum)
1 - Worst thinking about his illness (palpitations). This certainly anxious for the drug.
2 - Worse unpleasant news.
3 - rage wild look.
4 - () Great tendency to induration tisurales (tongue, uterus, rectum, lymph, glands, etc.).. Cancer, especially scirrhous (rectum, uterus, breast, tongue, etc.)..
5 - () Feelings of dryness and constriction.
6 - () Tendency to hemorrhage.
7 - () Statements of paralytic weakness, heaviness or sluggishness in muscles (rectum, bladder, limbs), with sensation of tight wire or band (around arms and legs).
8 - () varicosities (conjunctiva, throat, rectum, extremities).
9 - () Worse from cold (except lead), is very chilly, very sensitive to weather changes.
10 - Especially in older (bronchial colds, bladder, cough morning).
11 - () Vertigo lying on his back or face down, with weakness in the epigastrium, the better to open our eyes and turning toward the right side. Burning headache, pressing, on vertex, in morning on waking or 4 am, better by pressure of the hand (Cactus), by local or cold drink cold water. Alopecia.
12 - () Crossed the right eye. Iris prolapse after cataract surgery. Corneal staphyloma. Diplopia by artificial light. Purulent conjunctivitis in children. Varicosities of the conjunctiva. Trachoma.
13 - purulent otorrhea. He hears the slightest noise in dreams.
14 - Polipo left nasal. Cancer or lupus of the nose.
15 - Gums swollen, inflamed, spongy, loose teeth. Bleeding, copious after a tooth extraction (Phospb. Arnica, Lachesis). Mouth sores; noma. Ptyalism. Scirrhous language.
16 - () Tendency tonsils every time he takes cold, with hypertrophy and induration of tonsils. Swellings and ulcerations of the throat, with pain, burning, dryness and constriction. Uvula elongated. Varicosities in the pharynx. Difficulty swallowing solids and even liquids by paralysis or spasm of the esophagus.
17 - () vomit large amounts of mucus and often everything you eat. Gastralgias, better by pressure. Hematemesis in drinkers. Feeling of emptiness or languor, better eating.
18 - () The walls are hard belly and retracted; colic (make it disappear and lets you work with lead).
19 - () Constipation of the most serious, has no desire for many days, there is no capacity or strength to move or are inefficient and violent desires, when he succeeds, the stools are hard as rocks, like little black balls (Opium, Plumbum ), and even after you leave, you feel full rectum. Eliminates large masses of clots (in typhoid). Intolerable pains in the rectum after stool, with escirro.Hemorroides bleed and hurt. Pruritus ani. Diarrhea exhausting.
20 - () Movie iridescent on the urine. Enuresis. You should urinate every 1 to 2 hours day and night. Coagulitos blood urine. Diabetes.
21 - Gleet, yellowish, with urethral induration.
22 - () Tendency to induration of the cervix and breast; scirrhous; breast cancer. Copious flow and chronic yellow. Vaginismus. Chronic gonorrhea. Disorders of the ovary. Nipples inflamed.
23 - () complete aphonia. Chronic Cough in morning old with rusty expectoration. Hemoptysis. Tuberculosis. Asthma. Palpitations, better lying on side; attacks sudden pounding heartbeat.
24 - feet frozen. Bleeding varices. Chilblains.
25 - Sensation of cold water splashed down the back.
26 - () ulcerations with indurated base, after burns. Epithelioma. Rough skin. Excrescences.