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ALUMINA (Clay - Aluminum Oxide)
1 - You can not see blood or a knife (or any sharp instrument), which terribly impressed, horrible thoughts assail him who is afraid and scared. Wish abrupt imepulsivos of kill or be killed to see blood or a knife, but rejected the idea.
2 - () Confusion about personal identity, "when he says something he feels as if someone else had said, and when he sees something is as if someone had seen him" (Clarke), is like a split personality. Confusion by alcoholic beverages or wine. The sensations they feel slow or transmitted slowly to the nerve centers. Things seem unreal. You can not make a decision or complete a project, thinking the fatigue.
3 - () Time passes very slowly, an hour seems half day (Cann. Ind.). It feels rushed, is precipitated.
4 - () Anxiety about guilt, as if he were guilty of a crime, for the future.
5 - () The mental symptoms appear mostly in the morning to wake up (anxiety, anger, sadness) or after menstruation (crying, mental prostration).
6 - () fear of loss of reason; to suicide, the bad, in the evening, thieves, diseases.
7 - () always sad, unhappy and complaining constantly (to sleep). Lloron not be contained. Seriously, never smiles or does not answer. Moody (Puls) or alternating. Stubborn, stubborn, gets irritated if they contradict each is easily offended.
8 - () is wrong to speak or write, use words wrong or misplaced.
9 - () Their conditions are worse thinking about them, the mountains seem petty.
10 - () Sleeping: complains, speaking eagerly, have alarms, crying.
11 - laughing and crying alternating jerky.
12 - () Worse from heat in summer, warmth of the bed and room for extreme temperatures. This better outdoors, and what you want (better walking in open air).
13 - () Worse potatoes (Nat. S., Sep., Coloc.).
14 - () too weak and easily exhausted by any physical effort, gets tired much talking (Stannum, Sulfur). Trembling weakness diarrhea, walking outdoors, during or after menstruation (almost unable to speak). There is a tendency to lie, but aggravates fatigue. She faints while standing. Tendency to Paralysis or paresis of muscles (especially rectum, bladder and members) in connection with a serious chronic illness, and central nervous system disorders exteriorized in walking difficulties (see 40) and tremor (worst if you're hungry) or movements convulsive.
15 - () extreme dryness of skin and mucous membranes (Bry).
16 - () Worse in full and new moon (Sil.).
17 - () Best of 16 onwards, worst in the evening on alternate days (frequency), moisture better, worse dry weather, eating better (worse fasting), best hot drinks, worse salt, vegetables and milk, postcoital, better by washing with cold water or moisten the affected site.
18 - In the old, in people with lack of vital heat; subject thin, dry, gentle disposition. Persons of sedentary habits who suffer from chronic disorders.
19 - () "The action of Alumina is slow in coming (like all the pathogenetic picture of the drug) and the remedy should not be changed quickly" (Clarke).
Desire and aversion ALUMINA
20 - () like stodge or inedible (Calc BC, Cic.): Charcoal, lime, earth, chalk, pencils, chalk, dregs of tea or coffee, starch, white rags, etc.. Like dry food, coffee, fruits and vegetables.
21 - Aversion to meat and beer.
22 - () Vertigo: best for breakfast, when you close your eyes (Romberg sign), after eating, with nausea, with a tendency to fall forward, objects seem to spin in circles or feel like giving laps; worse lying on his back or stand up from a squatting position, better-wiping, rubbing his eyes. Vertigo in old exhausted. You can not walk except with his eyes open and day, staggers and falls to close my eyes.
23 - () cerebral anemia. Feeling that your brain falls forward. Morning newspaper Headaches on waking, better rising; at night in bed, better outdoors, worse after eating, and in a warm room. Frontal headache when standing after lunch. Pressing headache like a tight hat, or as if you throw the hair.
24 - () Eyes glued to the night and morning. Spasmodic closing or drooping eyelids, paralysis can not be opened by the upper eyelid, worse left. Strabismus. Dryness and itching eyes, especially in the corners, especially domestically. Tearing day only. Thickening of the eyelids. Ulceration of the conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis. You need to rub their eyes constantly.
25 - () sees a yellow halo around the light or see yellow objects.
26 - () red and hot ears itch, worse at night, or one red ear. Buzz in the morning. Stitches in the ear out.
27 - () The tip of the nose is chapped and red. Bloody nasal discharge, greenish or yellow-green, hard, scabs on the right side; ozena. Absence or diminution of smell. Nasal dryness. Pain at the root of the nose, the touch. Swelling and pain in the septum.
28 - () chapped lips. Red face after eating. Pale with the headache.
29 - () Tension in the face, especially in the chin, as if telaranas or there had dried egg white. Convlsivos movements of the jaw. Temporomandibular joint pain when opening mouth or chewing.
30 - dirty gray gums, swollen, burn and bleed. Red soft palate. Sour taste, sweet, or does not feel like a meal. Small ulcers that extend. Bad breath. Toothache that improve with pressure.
31 - () Dry throat and pharynx, with roughness in the evening and on waking; mucus flowing from the nares, difficult to start, tough in the morning, with constant tendency to swallowing and hawking, hawking the evening, for drying, and to clarify the voice. Pain on swallowing as if he had a thorn or splinter, pain in the esophagus when swallowing. Feeling of relaxation in the throat. He swallowed hard, worse solids, or can not swallow, or swallow the small pieces of from paralysis or narrowing of the esophagus or consticcion.
32 - () Itching on the neck.
33 - () Decreased appetite. Belching bitter in the evening after eating potatoes. "Chronic belching for years, worse in the evening" (Allen). Vomiting with cough tearing.
34 - () colic. Constipation with feces coming out with great difficulty and great effort, though soft, inactivity of rectum; "no desire or ability to move the belly until there is a large accumulation" (Allen), sometimes every two weeks. Constipation in babies fed with cow's milk, in old, in pregnancy or very sedentary women. Stool scanty, insufficient, like marbles, hard, dark, bloody, adherents as clay, gnarled and covered with mucus or feces of sheep. Sometimes you can only move when standing (Caust.). Diarrhea When you urinate. Internal hemorrhoids anal bleeding during or after stool, with burning or cutting pain. Anal moisture after scratching.
35 - () weak urine stream, especially in the morning on waking. Force should make a long while or as if to move the belly until he begins to urinate, worse morning, weak stream. Urinating when coughing. Yellow urethral discharge, chronic, chronic gonorrhea.
36 - Impotence or excessive desires.
37 - () Cash acrid, excoriating, albumin, which runs down to his heels, worse by day, better by cold bath. Menstruation lasts a single day, small, pale.
38 - () breathing stops coughing. Dyspnoea with cough. Morning cough, constant, dry, suffocating him, choked him, by irritating food (salt, pepper, vinegar) or by speaking or singing. Tightness in the chest, worse bending head forward. Pain in the chest at night, pressing, with constriction as a tight rope with paraparesis or paraplegia.
39 - () lumbar tearing or burning pain, as if there applied a hot iron.
40 - () Heaviness in lower limbs (especially legs) when seated. Incoordination in the limbs, especially in the lower limbs, with weakness and a staggering gait; tabes. Brittle nails. Corns injection. Chapped hands. Cold feet. Chilblains, pruritus in the toes, which have been frozen. This pain in the soles of the feet while walking, with numbness or as if the ground was soft. Pain as if sprained shoulder, points at the hips and knees. Tearing in the patella and legs spread to the toes. Hemiplegia, paralysis. He was sleeping when walking in heels and buttocks when sitting.
41 - () Sounds thieves.
42 - () Chills in the evening in bed after sleeping on awakening. Fever on one side of the body, especially the right.
43 - () Itching of the skin without eruption, worse from warmth of bed; must scratch until it bleeds or is raw. Very dry, never sweats.
Bryonia - Sepia - Causticum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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