Aluminum phos. Homeopathy

ALUMINUM Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Aluminum)
1 - () Anxiety: the morning on waking, evening or night, for the future, for their health consciousness, with feelings of guilt. Fear: to die (this sure is about to die), to diseases that something is going to happen to madness: the misfortune to people on awakening.
2 - () aversion to company, to answer questions, and talk. Discontent, discouraged. Stubborn, stubborn, irritable and excitable. Always in a hurry. Or is sitting in silence.
3 - () Chronic Effects of sentences (following Ignatia). Sadness of morning awakening and evening. Tired of life. Suicidal thoughts. He complains constantly about her imaginary misfortunes.
4 - () Forgetful, indifferent, confused, undecided. Aversion to work. Mental prostration, stupor. Serious, very shy. How to be changing rapidly alternating opposite mental states and may have spasmodic laughter and manic states.
5 - () Crying: the morning on waking at night, sleeping, involuntarily, alternating with laughter.
6 - () I think your symptoms worse.
7 - Away, can not concentrate; confusing morning.
8 - Sensitive to noise. Starts on sleep. Speak sleeping.
9 - Worse: Morning, afternoon and night, from cold, cold air for cooling, takes cold easily, after eating, physical strain, for cold drinks and food, for milk, potatoes and hot foods; by shaking and the heels, to breathe, lying, back worse before, during and after menstruation; by movement (no aversion to movement and effort); after sleep walking outdoors; stopped. Better: open air (there is a strong desire) to breathe (headaches), by movement (back pain), by pressure.
10 - () Anemia. Thinning. Lack of vital heat. Great weakness in the morning on waking strain; diarrheal walking; during menstruation; paralytic weakness. Great exhaustion. Feeling of extreme lassitude, want to lie.
11 - () Seizures: a tendency to fall, with high rigidity. Feel like electric shocks. Trembling and shaking. Frequent fainting.
12 - () or burning pain as if beaten or pressing, cutting, terebrantes.
13 - () is one of the most useful drugs in paralysis, especially of the lower limbs. Paralysis on one side; painless. Numbness in the affected parts.
A 14 - Congestion, BLOOD orgasms. Strong internal pulsations. Pulse quick, weak, irregular. Distended blood vessels.
15 - () feeling of constriction, as a band.
16 - like coffee, fruit and sour things. Aversion to beer and meat.
17 - () Feelings in my head: cold or heat; constriction; vacuum; heaviness, hot flashes, numbness. Hair loss, pruritus. Headaches; ascending; after dinner, before or during menstruation, for alcoholic drinks, by bending or walking, in a warm room, better outdoors, lying down or by pressure, newspapers or other day. Occipital headache, after sleeping, in the sides of the head.
18 - () You stick the eyelids. Cracked corners. Purulent discharge. Dry eyes, stinging. Tearing outdoors. Upper eyelids heavy as if paralyzed. Pain in the eyes for reading, burning in the evening, foreign body sensation or sand in their eyes. Photophobia. Eyes red. Eyelids swollen, with shaking. Styes. Vision turbid, colored halo around the light. Atrophy of the optic nerves.
19 - () Secretion purulent ears. Hot and red ears, pruritus. Noises in the ears, with vertigo, ringing, bells, whistles, roars. Ear pain when blowing or swallowing; tearing. Ears.
20 - () Runny nose: bloody, crusty, excoriating, greenish, yellowish, thick. Stubborn nasal catarrh. Painful dryness in the nose. Epistaxis on blowing. The nose is red and itchy. Obstruction of one side. Pain and burning in the root of the nose, worse when touched. Anosmia. Sneezing. Ulcerations.
21 - Lips dry, cracked. Face pale, blue or red alternating with paleness. Itching and heat in the face, rashes, eczema. Face pain worse on movement, chewing and outdoors. Sensation of dry egg white in the face.
22 - Gums swollen, sore and bleed easily. Dry mouth. Foul breath. Taste bitter, metallic, sweet, salty, or absent. Burning in mouth ulcers. Toothache outdoors and coughing.
23 - () constriction in the throat from dryness. Hawking. Feel of a piece in the throat, painful swallowing and most of tomorrow. Dysphagia. Tonsils swollen.
24 - () Appetite increased, even after eating, or absent. Gastric distension, fullness and heaviness after eating. Empty or not relieved by eating languor. Sour eructation, heartburn. Hiccups. Nausea after eating and during headache. Gastralgias as sharp or cramping after eating, better from hot drinks. Extreme thirst, no thirst during fever. Vomiting: coughing or drinking water, bile or blood.
25 - () sensations in the womb: the cold, fullness, shrinkage, weakness, weight, constriction. Flatulent distention. Stomach upsets: After eating, premenstrual, walking, local heat better. Colicos. Stitches in the liver.
26 - () Constipation unwilling or ineffective efforts; with anal constriction. Diarrhea after eating and during menstruation. Anal abscess and fistula. Tingling, itching and anal moisture.
Fetid flatus. Hemorrhoids that bleed in and out while walking. Burning, aching or sharp anal pain when defecating. Black stools, bloody, green, hard, knotty, large, long, thin, watery.
H27 - () Ineffectual urging to urinate at night, retention, bladder paralysis. Dysuria, weak stream. Micturition: frequent night involuntary cough, you should wait a while to start urinating, or should use force. Sense of dissatisfaction after urination. Pain renal nephritis. Prostate large, out prostatic fluid during stool. Chronic gonorrhea with yellow secretion. Burns and cuts the urethra during urination. Urine-acre, albuminous, pale, copious, with a cuticle on the surface, with red or white sediment.
28 - Frequent erections, painful, violent, followed by impotence. Itching. Testicular pain or swelling. Sweats genitals.
29 - () Aversion to intercourse in the woman no orgasm. Flow excoriating, bloody, burning, yellowish, watery, before and after menstruation. Irregular menses, scanty, short, pale. Ulcers of the neck. Uterine prolapse.
30 - () Larynx dry, sore, as raw, itching. Hoarseness in the evening, voice rough, hollow; aphonia. Dyspnoea at night, asthma. Apnea coughing. Desire to breathe deeply. Cough in morning, in cold air, dry in evening, loose in morning; for laryngotracheal irritation; talking; paroxysmal, violent. Expectoration: Morning, bloody, copious, putrid, salty or sweet, white or yellowish. Heat in chest. Oppression; weakness. Bronchitis. Itching of the breast. Chest pain; at night, coughing, after eating and inspire.
31 - Anxiety and chest tightness. Palpitations in the morning upon waking, after eating and during menstruation; tumultuous.
32 - () Hot and itching in the back. Myelitis. Backache, worse from walking or rising from a chair, better by motion; neck when moving head, between the shoulder blades, lumbar, sacral, coccyx at the touch. Pain as if beaten in the column. Stiff back. Sensation of weakness in the lumbar region.
33 - () a staggering gait. Chilblains. Cold hands, legs and feet. Corns hurt. Hands and fingers cracked. Cramps in calves. Tingling in upper limbs and feet. Hot hands. Heaviness in the limbs. An incarnate. Itching. especially in the lower limbs. They sleep tips. Dolores night; articular in the upper limbs when hanging. Tearing pains in the legs, especially thighs and knees. Weakness in the legs, thighs and knees. Paralysis of the limbs, especially below, with rigidity, paralysis of one side. Trembling, but in the hands and knees.
34 - () Sounds: With death, which falls, with thieves. To sleep late, sleep before midnight. Restless sleep, waking frequently. Sleep is not restful.
35 - () Chills: the evening in bed, and night, after dinner, cold on one side, does not improve in a warm room. Fever alternating with chills. Waves of heat rise. Sweating for the least effort and the least anxiety.
36 - () Anesthesia. Skin: dry, hot or cold, yellow, red spots. Eczema. Herpes. Eruptions that itch in a warm room. Urticaria; nodules after the scratching post. Vesicles. Tingling. Itching: at night in bed, worse from warmth of bed or by scratching, moisture later. Indolent ulcers. The wounds are slow to heal.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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