Aluminum silicate. Homeopathy

ALUMINA SILICATE (Andalusite - Alumina Silicate)

1 - () Absent. Have difficulty concentrating. Mental confusion in the morning on waking; dullness. Mental weakness, forgetful. It is wrong to speak and write and use the wrong words. Memory weak. Surmenage for prolonged mental effort. Aversion to physical or mental work. Imbecility. Will greatly weakened. The senses are dulled, but is sensitive to noise. Indifference. Indecision.

2 - () Great sadness, feeling of unhappiness that enhances the telling. Tired of life, death wishes, suicidal ideation.

3 - () Anxiety: at night, anxiously, for their health, feelings of guilt, remorse, worse after sleep. Fear: fear awakens, startled easily.

4 - () Starts on sleep. Sleepwalking. He cries and talks sleep.

5 - () unhappy, discouraged, never satisfied and criticizes everyone.

6 - () like solitude, but the worst one and the best in the company. This much time sitting in silence. Shy. Coward.

7 - () Great mental excitement, worse by contradiction, of anger or humiliation. How to be changing. Stubborn.

8 - You hallucinations seems to be mad, that is shrinking and that is going to fall if he lifts his feet, sees visions. Religious Affections.

9 - Laughs hysterically.

10 - Worse: evening, evening and night, to wake in the morning, for the heat of summer (take away forces), cold air (but want the air) and cold (takes cold easily) ; by wet weather, for cold foods and drinks, after dinner, for milk, hot food, for the shocks (but in a vehicle) in a closed room, warm, lying down (more on her back); standing, for climb stairs to get out of bed or chair, for the movement (he dislikes), by pressure. Better: heat; fasting or eating little, at rest in bed, lying down.

11 - The pains are worse from excitement, motion and pressure, in general, accompanied by great cold and are better from warmth and warm applications and, sometimes, by pressure. They are, especially, burning, stinging, tearing, stinging, ulcerative and erratic. Aching all over the body when touched.

12 - () In the seizures as a constitutional remedy. Tonic contractions, rigidity. Myoclonus jerks and throughout the body. Fainting. Earthquakes.

13 - () Tingling of skin, internal organs and along the nerves. Numbness in parts of the body and aching in places, with neuritis.

14 - () Sen.: constriction (with constriction of holes); of fullness (with venous distension), heaviness, of tension.

15 - Great loosening; need to be in bed weakness. Muscle forced to lift weights. Thinning. Anemia.

16 - Frequency marked.

17 - Beats throughout the body but the head and belly. Rapid pulse. Distention of the veins. Swelling of lymph nodes and affected parties.

Desire and aversion ALUMINA SILICATE
18 - Aversion to meat and coffee.

19 - () Vertigo: stooping, sitting, walking, on closing the eyes to turn her head sharply, with tendency to fall sideways or forward, as intoxicated with nausea, better lying down. Feeling of constriction or vacuum in the head, heat and heaviness, itching and tingling. Headache: Morning, afternoon and evening, after dinner, with grinding teeth, before and during menstruation, after sleep, hair, sitting and stooping down, better in bed, cold applications, cold air, by the movement, standing and walking. Headaches are of all types and mostly in the forehead.

20 - () Ojeras. eyes feel dry or enlarged. Eye inflammation, catarrhal or suppurative. Burning pain, pressing or sand. Photophobia. Eyes red, swollen eyelids. Styes. Cloudy or blurred vision, worse at night, artificial light and visual strain. Hyperopia.

21 - Purulent discharge from the ears, with itching. Ears warm. Noises in the ears. Earache deep. Sensation of ear fullness, keystrokes. Hyper-or hearing loss.

22 - () You feel the cold air in the nose on inspiration. Bloody nasal discharge, excoriating, greenish, scaly, thick. Epistaxis on blowing. Obstruction. Pain at root and septum. Smell acute first, then decreased or absent. Sneezing with or without coryza. Ulcerations. Very swollen nose.

23 - facial pains, worse in open air and chew. Purple face.

24 - () Canker. Bleeding gums, swollen, sore, ulcerated. Tongue white. Dry mouth. Foul breath. Sialorrhea. Taste: metals, acids or absent; not feel like a meal. Toothache by cold air, eating and biting.

25 - Hawks and eliminates many adherent mucus. Dry throat on waking. Foreign body sensation, of thorn in the throat, stitches on swallowing. Dysphagia. Ulcers in the throat. Tonsils swollen. Cervical lymphadenopathy.

26 - () Appetite increased, but the first bite produces nausea. Sense of gastric emptying is not improved by eating. Weight and gastric fullness after eating, even for a snack. Belching: acids, with taste of rotting flesh. Hiccups. Burning. Nausea: seeing the food, after eating, with headache. Gastralgias: after eating: better belching, burning, cramping. Sensation of stone in the stomach, or languor. Arcades. No thirst during fever. Vomiting: coughing, after eating, during headache; of black blood, food, water.

27 - Flatulence, distention and fullness in the stomach, worse after eating. Constriction, hardness and heaviness. Stomach pains after eating, before and during menstruation and walking, better local heat. Cramping and cramping. Cutting pains in hypochondria. Rumbling.

28 - () Constipation, with hard work and difficulty with bowel movements anal constriction. Diarrhea urgent drives out of bed at 5 hours, first undigested, then watery; for fruit. Offensive flatus and abundant. Tingling and pruritus ani. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Anal Itching worse by scratching, with anal moisture. Anal and rectal pain. Tenesmus. Stools: bloody, copious, watery, undigested, or hard, black, large,

29 - () bladder paralysis. Retention of urine. Tenesmus. Pollakiuria worse at night. Must wait long to begin urination, and not satisfied after. Involuntary urination. Sale prostatic fluid during stool. Prostate large, painful, swollen. Mucopurulent urethral discharge, burning or cutting pain when urinating. Reddish urine, cloudy, red sediment.

30 - very strong and painful erections. Testicles swollen and hard. Penis red and sore. Itching and sweating in the scrotum. Intense sexual desire at night. Nocturnal emissions.

31 - () vulvar itching and tingling, worse by urination and scratching, better for local cold. Flow acre, purulent, worse before and during menstruation. Menses: abolished; tardias, offensive, painful. Uterine prolapse. Ulcers on the lips.

32 - () or constant irritation or tingling laryngotracheal cold, aching and raw, often hawking. Hoarseness of tomorrow, rough voice. Noisy breathing. Asthma, dyspnea, coughing. Dry cough, worse at night and dusk, cold air and lying on the right side; violent attacks. Worst morning expectoration acrid, yellowish, bloody. Congestion in the chest, constriction, oppression, heat. Acute bronchitis. Chest pains at night and coughing on the sides, burning, stitches.

33 - () Back cold as if he had been splashed with cold water. Itching and cervical cord. Back pain on motion, rising from a chair, bending, walking and turning, better sleep. Pains in the entire column, burning like needles. Stiffness, especially cervical. Great weakness in the back, should be in bed.

34 - () A fragile. Chapped hands. Hot on the hands (as ice), legs and feet. Cyanotic fingers. Cramps in calves. Members thinned. Tingling and heaviness in the limbs. Violent itching, especially in the lower limbs, thighs and plants painful itching in the course of nerves. Jerks. Numbness, particularly in the legs and feet. Pains in the limbs at night, by excitement, by motion, along the members, from bottom to top, left side worse. Tearing, especially in the lower limbs: hips, knees and legs. Wandering pains. Paralysis. Tension in the upper limbs by lifting weights. Swollen fingers. Stiffness in the legs. Earthquakes. Weakness in the limbs, especially the top, bottom, thighs and legs. You can take steps to climb stairs.

35 - () Dreams: anxious, erotic, death, fights, nightmares. Drowsiness. Sleeplessness before midnight. You wake up frequently or too early. Yawning.

36 - Chills. at all times outdoors, after dinner, moving in bed and at stool; better for hot drinks or hot (you like). Frio on one side. Fever in evening and night, worse from 20 to 22 hours, with pains in the legs to the heart and left temple, waves of heat. Sweats morning and night, with anxiety, to move and after awakening.

37 - Skin: dry, cold, numb, cracked, burning. Eczema dry. Herpes. Blisters. Urticaria. Eruptions: wet and burning after scratching, burning, stinging, itching, worse at night in bed. Tingling. Ulceration with itching and pain. The wounds are slow to heal.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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