Ambra grisea. Homeopathy

Ambra grisea (Amber Gray)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Ambra grisea
1 - () This worse by the presence (or presence) of other people, especially referring to defecation: Unable to move your bowels or if the caregiver is near or, in extreme cases, even if there is someone in the house; can not do anything in front of others. He does not like being in society, social gatherings, want to be alone, mainly for two reasons: 1o because it is terribly shy, blushing very easily, and 2nd because the conversation aggravates (Eng, Nat M.) mental and physically, it causes anxiety, irritability, restless, it causes tremors. There is a real misanthropy and the presence of strangers and aggravates afraid even of that approach. Ambra's appearance is of great embarrassment, of being very uncomfortable, not knowing what to do in society or in the presence of others.
2 - () Exhausted nervous hypersensitivity, any event or something unusual or just unusual alters it (can not breathe, pulse very upset, amenorrhoea). It is very sensitive to music: makes mourn and increases their suffering (cough, dyspnea, palpitations, hot flashes at the head, shaking, back pain, etc.)..
3 - () Sadness, melancholy, sitting spends whole days crying. Depressive states, with almost compulsive tendency to remember and talk about unpleasant facts already past the trap. Alterna depression (indifferently for all) with vehemence. Tired of life, sometimes suicidal. Have an aversion to the smiling faces.
4 - () Compression slow, dull, confused, can not think, worse tomorrow, ideas you vanish, in particular old. Poor memory, forgetful old. This like a dream. Imbecility.
5 - () question, and without waiting for an answer question on another subject, jumps from one topic to another (Kent) in women of society, very talkative and excited.
6 - () consequences or effects of major worries or concerns in the business and domestic unhappiness or several deaths followed: abandon their businesses, their friends and wondered if life is worth living (see 3).
7 - () Nervous prostration: they are excited, weak (look old), trembling.
8 - () Anxiety: the evening in bed, when in company, for conversation, by ineffectual desire to move the belly, in a crowd when he speaks, after eating, during fever.
9 - Go diabolical faces (Be] I, Op, Calc) that are on, sees ghosts.
10 - talk in your sleep, waking scared.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Ambra grisea pathogenesis
11 - () Great remedy of the old (Bar_C.), with diminution of all functions, weakness, cold and numbness of body parts in patients weakened by age and overwork; in old thinned. Premature aging, premature senility. In thin people. In children excitable, nervous, weak. People "dry" nerve. Hysterical woman, thin.
12 - () Tremors, worst in the company, for music, for conversation. Early senile tremor.
13 - () gray secretions (nose, throat, coughing, etc.)..
14 - () Worse on waking tomorrow, for the least effort, for hot milk or hot liquids, better for cold drinks, worse in room full of people, after lying down, better to get out of bed, worse in spring and heat, better from cold, worse from talking or reading aloud, perhaps by a slow walk outdoors.
15 - () Laterality lower left and upper right.
16 - () Lack of reaction in nervous diseases.
17 - He sleeps through the body surface of tomorrow.
18 - Bleeding easy.
Ambra grisea SPECIFIC
19 - () Vertigo in the old, worse upon arising in the morning, need to lie.
20 - () climbs Heat the lead for good music. Heaviness talk headaches. It hurts to touch hair on the right side of the head. The hair is dry and falls.
21 - Pain in the eyes of tomorrow.
22 - Ringing in the ears, worse in the afternoon. Deafness.
23 - () coryza with gray nasal secretion. Epistaxis of bed early in the morning and during menstruation (Sep.).
24 - Suda on one side of the face. Hot Lips, asleep in the morning on waking. Tremors in the face.
25 - () Ranula with fetid breath. Language gray or yellowish gray. Boca bitter awakening to the morning, and fetid breath, coughing worse. Dry mouth without thirst.
26 - Toothache, better by cold water, hot things worse. Gums bleed much.
27 - () Dry throat upon waking, with gray mucus difficult to start. The throat hurts any airflow. Goiter.
28 - () Belching after coughing (Sang). Acidity. Distension of the stomach after eating or after midnight.
29 - () Hot ice cream on the belly, worse on one side to the left. Right upper quadrant pain that improves when lying on that side.
30 - () Constipation with frequent ineffectual urging, his urgency disappears while in the company, can not move if the "nurse" is present, get nervous, anxious, and in the postpartum period in children. Anal bleeding when defecating. Constipation inveterate old.
31 - () Rapid heart to be issued, then lightens. Coffee ground sediment (Apis, Hell.) Or brown. Pain Simultaneous bladder and rectum, with burning in anus and urethral meatus, urethral burning and itching while urinating. Felt in the urethra as if to pass drops.
32 - () Voluptuous itching in the scrotum. Excoriation between her thighs. Violent erections without voluptuous sensations,
33 - () Menses copious, frequent, worse efforts (Calc, Erig.). Metrorrhagia, or intermenstrual have lost after each stool or hard stools or by the slightest effort, for the cause milder and even by walking. Vulvar itching intolerable. Flow blue-white, with nymphomania, worse or only at night. Uterine symptoms, worse lying down.
34 - () laryngeal cough from tickling, worse from lifting weights, for music, in the presence of people or in social gatherings. Cough hoarse, spasmodic, paroxysmal, in old, worse for speaking out loud. Violent cough, with burping and hoarseness. Pertussis. Asthma in old and children with wheeze. Expectoration gray (Lyc., Stann., Arg_M.) Worse tomorrow.
35 - () Palpitation with feeling of pressure or weight on the chest, as if a foreign body were lodged there or as if the chest were covered. Palpitations outdoor pale. Palpitations are extended to the whole body is sensitive to your pulse.
36 - () You sleep the upper limbs, worse at night or carrying something or lying about them, moving them better. The pads of the fingers are wrinkled. Are broken fingernails (Graph., Pso.). Excoriation in the popliteal (Sep.). Sweats in the thighs. Varices. Cramps in calves at night, in the hands and fingers to grasp something worse.
37 - () Drowsiness in the evening before bedtime, and insomnia after lie, "since he rests his head on the pillow" (Clarke); sleeplessness before midnight or after the talk, can not sleep thinking that has made bad business or concerns, should rise.
38 - () Chills zones, better after eating.
39 - Sweat from least exertion; on one side or the sites affected. Heats with anxiety every quarter hour in the evening.