Ammonia. Definition

Ammon iakos
Salt, ammonium chloride, which is prepared with some of the volatile products of dry distillation of organic substances containing nitrogen, which is composed of hydrochloric acid and ammonia. Colorless, irritating odor, water-soluble compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. Is a commodity in the chemical industry. (In ancient times, salt proceeded from Libya, the country of Ammon).

Ammonia as gas, NH3, is easily soluble in water, in solution becomes an electropositive ion (cation) called "ammonium (NH4). This solution (technically ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH) is what sold commercially as "ammonia" for domestic use. The ammonium ion can form salts with acids: ammonium chloride (ClNH4 with hydrochloric acid), ammonium sulfate ((SO4) (NH4) 2 with sulfuric acid), ammonium nitrate (NO3NH4 with nitric acid, etc.). When any of these salts dry decomposition releases ammonia (gas) and the corresponding acid. From there the wonderful properties that ancient alchemists were in the "sal ammoniac".)

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