Ammoniacum. Homeopathy

Ammoniacum (Gum plant Dorema Ammoniacum)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Ammoniacum
1 - () Moodiness: is its most prominent mental trait; aversion to everything, discontent, melancholy.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Ammoniacum
2 - () In old and debilitated people with bronchial processes (see 12), worse in winter.
3 - () Very sensitive to cold, worse in cold weather.
SPECIFIC Ammoniacum
4 - Headache catarrhal obstruction of the frontal sinuses.
5 - () You see stars and points of light floating. Fatigue and sight reading is turbid, it is almost impossible. Asthenopia (Path). Decreased vision, blindness almost to the evening. Go as circles of smoke. Photophobia even in cloudy weather.
6 - () Constant motion of the nostrils, nasal flaring worse during pneumonia (Lyc.). Sneezing followed by abundant mucous discharge.
7 - Pale face, with frequent changes of color, and anxiety; dark side.
8 - Mouth and throat dry, burning and scraping sensation in the pharynx and esophagus, which led him to swallow. Toothache extended to the ear. Loss of taste on the tip of the tongue.
9 - Summer Diarrhea in children. Stitches in the appendix.
10 - dripping after urinating. Burning urethra].
11 - Hydrocele. Sharp pains in the spermatic cord and the root of the penis.
12 - () or subacute chronic bronchial affections in old, worse in cold weather, with great accumulation of mucopurulent secretions, hard and heavy, difficult expectoration (gives strength and helps expectorate) and cough, with rattling in the chest, often accompanied by . nasal flaring and dyspnea. Asthma.
13 - Pounding of the heart (and arteries) worse lying on left side or back, issued epigastric hollow.
14 - Whitlow. Rheumatic pains in the limbs, and swelling.