Ammonium carb. Homeopathy

Ammonium carb (Ammonium Carbonate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ammonium carb
1 - () have fear and aversion to bathing, washing, habits of uncleanliness and dirt, especially in children (Psor., Sulph.).
2 - () hysteria and neurosis with symptoms that mimic organic diseases. Constant concern for his health. Mental depression with crying, fainting and easily depleted. Tired of life.
3 - () Moody during stormy weather, at dusk.
4 - () are wrong in speaking, writing (in both cases use wrong words), to calculate, in the names. Low memory. Absent. It focuses heavily. Imbecility.
5 - () Anxiety guiltily, as if he had committed a crime.
6 - () Hiperseiisible to sensual impressions. You heard me say or hear or speak the affected lot and fatigue.
7 - () Disobedient, intractable (in children).
8 - Quiet during menstruation.
9 - Fear and anxiety in the evening. Shyness.
10 - Starts from fright and out of sleep.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ammonium carb
11 - () Female large, stout, always tired, they often take cold, disorders arising from their sedentary life, or delicate women who faint easily and need to have on hand the "bottle to smell (ammonia) or stimulants. Skinny Fat indolent, sedentary and chilly.
12 - () Great prostration, states collapse, great weakness, for the slightest reason. Lack of reaction or slow reactions. She faints in a room full of people or crowds.
13 - () Worse 3 to 4 PM, at dusk.
14 - () Aversion to open air (and walking outdoors). Worse from cold, especially cold wet (better in dry weather); worse in wet applications, washing, dislikes the bathroom because it worsens, it can not touch the water.
15 - () worse during menstruation, eating, at new moon, in stormy weather, better by pressure, lying on his stomach or on the painful side.
16 - () The tendency to bleeding of black blood and clots.
17 - () Right side.
Desire and aversion of Ammonium carb
18 - Desire for sweets and sugar.
Ammonium carb SPECIFIC
19 - Dizziness reading that improve walking.
20 - () Headache, worse morning, with nausea and fullness, as if forehead would burst, better by pressure. Feeling of having the brain loose, as if falling from side to side at the slightest movement.
21 - () Ve sparks, worse at night and on waking. Photophobia with burning eyes. Cataract in his right eye. Asthenopia.

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