Amylenum nitrosum. Homeopathy

AMYLENUM nitrosum (amyl nitrite)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR AMYLENUM pathogenesis nitrosum
1 - () Anxiety, as if anything were to happen, can not sit still, it needs fresh air. For a start, runs to the window for air.
2 - Confusion mental trance-like state, unable to do anything.
3 - Fear of seizures.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR AMYLENUM pathogenesis nitrosum
4 - () act especially on the arteries, dilated, expressed this modification through tumultuous circulatory symptoms, especially a marked facial flushing (see 14), hot flashes (see 6), hypotension and tachycardia with palpitations (see 20 ) and, most prominently, pulsation and throbbing throughout the body. It is very similar in this aspect Gionoinum (Nitroglycerine), though perhaps not as violent in its manifestations as the latter. Pulse full and strong.
5 - () worse in a warm room, better by cold air and cold water, better outdoor air with great desire, hunger for air. Is uncovered in bed or loose clothes or undressing, and open the windows in the colder weather (Arg_N., Lach., Sulph.). Worse physical or mental effort.
6 - () Llamradas heat parts of the face, epigastric or any body part, often followed by hot sweats and heavy, followed by great prostration, especially at menopause. "In women sensitive, nervous, plethoric, during or after menopause (Allen).
7 - () The stirring constantly, for hours, "not the end to satisfy the desire to do so" (Allen), calls that help you stretch, with deep and repeated yawning (Kali_C.).
8 - () It is often a palliative in incurable cases, it is very important when used as euthanasia. For inhalation, can revive people who die from anesthesia.
9 - () sense of constriction.
10 - () In the epileptic seizure or even status epilepticus, an inhalation to feel the aura can stop or mitigate the attack. Tetanus. Puerperal convulsions just finished the game.
11 - () Intense waves of blood to the head and face, with the feeling that blood is going to jump through the skin, heat and redness. Flares in the head, followed by sweats, menopause. Heat, redness and throbbing in the head, which feels burst. Throbbing, pressure and tension on the temples. Lightheadedness with pressure outward in forehead and temples. The temporal arteries are visible, hard and throbbing. Hemicrania that begins in the morning, worse at noon, with pale face the same side. Dizziness with eyes closed. Dizziness sea.
12 - () Pain in the eyes to sunlight, with profuse watery eyes and sneezing. Neuralgia. Exophthalmos. Venous congestion of the papilla. Go green or yellow objects.
13 - Feel explode and beat the ears.
14 - () Red face, great ease to blush, for the slightest emotion or the slightest exertion, heat sensation in face and head, worse at night. Blushes acute or chronic. Left side face red, blush that comes and goes sharply between the headaches, during which the pale. Trigeminal neuralgia. Smacked his lips as if savoring something. Movement as a rumination of the jaw.
15 - () does not tolerate constraints in the neck (Lach.), loosen the clothes there. Violent pulsations in carotids. You can not swallow well. Goiter exoftaimico from grief.
16 - Hiccups. Nausea with dry throat.
17 - () Entuertos; bleeding with embarrassment. Headaches of menopause with hot flashes, anxiety and palpitations. Puerperal convulsions.
18 - Glycosuria.
19 - () gasping in agony. Cardiac asthma with dyspnea or extreme anasarca. Asthma.
20 - () The sensation of constriction in the throat extending to the thorax. Anxiety, chest oppression and fullness with turbulent cardiac activity and heart palpitations. Precordial pain and constriction. The heart sounds are irregular. Angina, worse from slightest movement, with pain spreading to the right arm preference. Renal aertica. Cardiac symptoms are usually accompany a curious feeling that Clarke has remarked: "Sensation of swelling of the anterior chest, as if it were convex, with the feeling that the xiphoid process makes a sharp double depression toward your spine."
21 - () Veins of hands very dilated. Tremor. Throbbing in the fingertips.
22 - Sueno often interrupted, startled.
23 - Excessive Sweating after the flu.