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Anacardium (Anacardium Orientale - Nut Mahogany)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Anacardium
1 - () Brusca memory loss, especially in old and after a burnout on a long and painful brain work. The patient is very upset and concerned about his lack of memory, because this confused and unable to meet their occupations, everything seems to be a dream or something unreal (Med). "You forget everything, and to be aware of that, you lose your appetite" (Guernsey). Forgetful, especially tomorrow. Insufficient memory for names, for the words and what they just read or think, does not hold nothing better in the afternoon.
2 - () You feel as if I had a split personality, as if in his mind two wills act contradictory and opposing each other: one that tells you to do what the other forbids it, one advising the good and the other evil, or an ear or a devil on one shoulder and the other an angel that warrant. Has delusions of closely related with this feeling: that is under superhuman control, your mind and body are separated, that someone is behind him or her, who is possessed, that her husband is not her husband and their children will not are their children. This situation gives rise to two characteristic aspects of his personality: his utter lack of self-confidence (which makes you think that does nothing well and can not succeed in anything, because everything is bad) and his indecision. You do not have free will. Fear the future.
3 - () has a pressing need to curse, blaspheme, with violent and vulgar language, swearing, insults (not punish a child who insults or swears or says many bad words give Anacardium).
4 - () It is cruel, evil, harmful, sometimes hate having little or no reason, is vindictive, spiteful. Rough, angry, violent, sometimes with a desire to kill, does not tolerate contradiction, takes everything the wrong way, but has a tendency to contradict. It has a total lack of moral sense, he laughs and serious things seriously address this happy things. Contradictory impulses: it is very unpleasant to people who loves and respects, even realizing his attitude, and can not help it.
5 - () All your mental state and his bad temper have a constant improvement while eating, but everything goes back two or more hours later (see 13).
6 - () is suspicious (do not trust either in or in the other), has fixed ideas or illusions that is surrounded by enemies, or is anxious when he is walking, as if chasing someone, afraid that someone is behind of the or think there are strange shapes on each side.
7 - () Intellectually, there is confusion, numbness and has trouble concentrating, morning or worse on waking effects of mental exhaustion; this as in a dream, away, everything seems unreal sometimes does not recognize those around him or their closest relatives. No answer or makes it very slowly, you have to think hard before answering. One of the good drugs before an exam. Imbecility, idiocy.
8 - () Other illusions and hallucinations: seeing hell, that he is a devil feels a whistling devil is blasphemy in one ear, as if he had committed a crime or as if he were dead, that someone calls, you hear voices heard at people already dead, believed to be separate from the world, said that the mirror sees the other but not to the same, you smell of burning wood, dung to pigeons or chickens. Senile dementia.
9 - () wants to be alone, is a misanthrope, apart from society. Discontent, grumpy, unhappy, disheartened. Depressed, melancholic, hypochondriacal, sad after eating, the crying it better, it can lead to suicide by shooting. Puerperal melancholia. Tendency to be seated.
10 - () are easily offended.
11 - () Fear of paralysis or impending misfortune.
12 - () Other mental Feeling weak and very sharp. Slowness of movement. Feel like I need to scream, shrieking in children. Sleepwalking. Constantly talking in an incoherent, nonsensical. Stubborn. Fighter. Wheeler said with reference to the mentality of Anacardium, this substance acts:
The 1st) removing inhibitions (see 3);
2o) down the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious (see 2), and 3rd) by reducing the moral (see 4).
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Anacardium
13 - () Best eating. The symptoms, both psychological, as gastric, cutaneous, and so on., Disappear or improve when eating, but reappear after about 2 hours (see 5). Worse after eating.
14 - () sensation of a plug or wooden pin or pressing foreign body where it hurts (or even not hurt): head left, right eye, ear, navel, chest, rectum, etcetera.
15 - () Sensacion hoop ring or band, or circles, which tighten, constrict. Pain with sensation of heaviness or constriction around the painful area, always better eating.
16 - () <cold, sensitive to drafts, heat better, worse warm applications of tomorrow, for physical and mental efforts, food hot, play the piano (it produces heaviness and fullness in whole body), to begin the movement, better by rest and afternoon.
17 - () You feel faint or too weak to climb stairs. Tetanus. Epilepsy. Left-sided paralysis.
T 18 - Injury or trauma to the tendons.
19 - Laterality upper left, lower right, or the symptoms go from right to left. (Lyc.) (Allen).
20 - She sleeps anywhere on the body once it leaves motionless.
Desire and aversion of Anacardium
21 - like milk.
SPECIFIC Anacardium
22 - Dizziness when bending or rising from a squatting position.
23 - () Headaches or gastric nerve in sedentary people, in students. Headache as if a cork in the temples (to bring the head back) on the eyes and on vertex (worse when breathing deeply), worse at night lying in bed or when we are in sleep, mental and motion, disappears when eating (Psor.). Baldness. Sweats and itching scalp.
24 - () the objects appear distant. Low vision, cloudy; myopia. Halo around the light. Tearing during coryza. Mydriasis. As a plug in the right superior orbital rim.
25 - () pain on the ears, as if a cork. Hearing loss. Brown secretion. Ear pain when chewing.
26 - () Smell acute. Perversions of smell (see 8). Acute or chronic coryza. Coryza with palpitations, especially in old age. Frequent sneezing.
27 - () eczema or itchy rash or itching vesicles or pustules on the face, like smallpox. Ivy. Expression child, suffering or absent. Sunken eyes or dark circles, pale face.
28 - () painful blisters in the mouth. Insipid or a meal or offensive. Halitosis, breath putrid. Gums bleed easily. Tongue heavy with bloating, which impedes or hinders speech or movement.
29 - () The tendency to choke when eating or drinking. Suppuration of tonsils.
30 - () The Anacardium dyspepsia, the gastralgias, nausea, vomiting, and the empty feeling and eating better for digestion. Slow or poor digestion with fullness and distention. Nux Vomica this worst two or three hours after eating and better when gastric digestion is over, in Anacardium is exactly the opposite: newly listed at pains tenninar gastric digestion when the stomach is empty, and last till next meal. Nash thinks there are many cases of dyspeptic Anacardium as Nux Vomica, and uses the 200th power. as the most effective. Nausea and gastric emptying in the morning. The stomach hurts when empty; gastralgia Pressing after eating; sharp breath. Swallow hard put food and drinks.
31 - Pain in the belly as if pushing a stopper in the intestines. Pressing pain in the intestines. Rumbling in the belly, which is hard. Sweating.
32 - () Great desire to move the belly, but the desire to make efforts to pass without evacuation, the rectum seems powerless, paralyzed, with a feeling of being plugged up, unable to expel the stool, even soft, with great feeling weight in the anus, and spasmodic contraction of the anal sphincter. Anal itching and moisture. Hemorrhoids that bleed during a bowel movement painful.
33 - Voluptuous itching in the testicles, sexual desire increased. Eliminates prostatic fluid or semen to make efforts to defecate or urinate after. No orgasm.
34 - Flow with itching. Menses scanty. Nausea of pregnancy, eating better, but return soon after.
35 - () Cough, worse from talking, in children, after a tantrum. Cough with vomiting of food and pain in the neck. Pertussis. Chest tightness, and by a Lapp, with internal heat and anxiety, and desire for fresh air. Rheumatic pericarditis, and feels fast and followed two stitches in his heart.
36 - () stitches or tearing in the shoulder blades, the worse the left. Neck stiffness, stiff neck worse to start the movement. Sweating on the back.
37 - () cramps in the calves when walking, getting up from a chair worse, better lying down; neuralgic cramps in the small joints of the fingers of writers cramp (Mag.P.). Myoclonus in the legs. Pressing pain and paroxysmal rhythmic, like a plug, thighs and buttocks. Pain as if sprained ankle, worse walking on the wrong foot. Stiffness of legs and knees, feeling of having a tight band that paralyzes him, worse sitting. Itching hands, worse on the palms and fingers at night. Fingers swollen with vesicular eruption. Felon. Warts on the palms of the hands (and other conditions found there [Clarke]).
38 - () Sounds with corpses, with fire (Hep., Mag.C., Mag.M.). Sueno after coughing and yawning.
39 - () fever at 16 hours, better eating or after eating. Chills outdoors that do not improve in a closed room or in the heat of the stove. Malaria: tertian and quartan. Suda while sitting (Ars.).
40 - () or vesicular eruptions vesico-pustular containing a yellowish liquid, irritating (Rhus_T.), with intense itching, worse rayced. Lichen planus. Pemphigus with burning. It numbs the skin.
Platina follows him well and is well followed. Follows well Lye. and Puls.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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