Anantherum mur. Homeopathy

Anantherum muricatum (Couscous - an Indian herb)
1 - Jealous. Lack of confidence in itself.
2 - suicidal tendencies.
3 - () always does the same and frequents the same places. It's very routine.
4 - aversion to company.
5 - Cries easily.
6 - () Syphilis (see 21). Sycosis.
7 - abscesses, lymphadenopathy, especially cervical and submaxillary.
8 - Tumors.
9 - Vertigo with tendency to fall backward. This as drunk and hesitate to walk.
10 - Severe cephalic neuralgia, such as steel or iron arrows pointed ranging from front neck, or as if bells were moved to the head, worse in the afternoon. As if he had water on the head, worse walking. Exostoses.
11 - () Ulcers on the scalp (Sil.), moist, crusted, thick, compact, wet eruptions.
12 - () Floaters. Everything seems so bright and shiny. Images are very persistent. Warts on the eyelids. Hypertrophy of the lacrimal gland. Inverted eyelids inward (entropion). Fall of the eyebrows.
13 - () big nose, red, varicose veins, or pale and cold. Small tumors in the tip. Inspired air seems cold, ice, and causes sneezing. Ulcers greenish, with foul-smelling discharge.
14 - () Ulcers on the face and corners of lips, scabs. Caen beard hairs. Tic seizure. Pain in facial bones. Trismus. Painful lymphadenopathy subnwxilares neck and with a tendency to fester.
15 - () Teeth crumbling, decayed, with bad breath. Fissured tongue, cut around the edges, with hypersalivation and weakness (as effects of mercury). Constant tendency to clench my teeth. He speaks with difficulty; stutters. Severe pain, such as cut, at the root of the tongue.
16 - () Angina, with burning and stinging. He is thirsty, but can not drink because you have cramps if water hears or sees bright objects. Hydrophobia. Burning heat alternating with cold ice cream in the gullet, with sensation as if something alive.
17 - () Hunger exaggerated that wakes in the night. Gastralgias horrible nausea and vomiting with food or bile or blood. Hard lump sensation from the pylorus to the liver.
18 - Sense of tuberosities painful cramps in the liver. Lancinating pain, burning, in the spleen.
19 - Bloody or whitish, angry, offensive, with cramps and burning, obstinate constipation, stool hard, knotty, mutton. Hemorrhoids, anal itching.
20 - () The urine sleeping and walking. Urine turbid, thick, full of mucus. Constant urge to urinate.
21 - () cankers on penis and urethral meatus. Syphilis.
22 - () scirrhous tumor in the cervix. Indurated and ulcerated tumor in the breast; erysipelas in breasts. Rashes and pustules on the vulva. Cracked nipples, excoriated. Sterility.
23 - marked swelling of the laryngeal cartilages, with paroxysmal cough, worse at night and heat. Laryngeal tuberculosis.
24 - () Rheumatic pain with swollen joints. Axillary lymph glands. A sick, deformed fingers hurt him. Erysipelas on arms and legs. Bromhidrosis feet. Abscesses, ulcers on soles of feet. Cracks in the upper limbs. Felon.
25 - Skin with tingling and itching like ants, with anesthesia. Measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever.
It is similar to large polychrests: Calc_C., Carb_V., Ign., Lach., Merc., Nux_V., Puls., Rhus_T., Sulph, Thuya.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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