Angustura vera. Homeopathy

Angustura VERA (Cusparia Galipea Bark)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Angustura VERA
1 - () is offended very easily, is hypersensitive, and the slightest reason offends and annoys.
2 - () Shy, timid, skittish, lack of self confidence.
3 - Moody, unhappy, disheartened.
4 - Is easily startled. Fear of dying (see 26).
5 - Extreme excitement, joy, liveliness of mind, but of late.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Angustura VERA
G6 - () Cavities in the long bones (humerus, tibia, femur, etc.). With very painful ulcers that penetrate the bone marrow, leaving kidnapping. Especially in people who get offended very easily and have an intense desire for coffee.
7 - () traumatic tetanus with spasms by the slightest touch, by noise or by drinking warm water with trismus (see 17), opisthotonos, cyanosis, labored breathing in spasms, growls and eyes closed. Tetanus of the newborn.
8 - () Modalities: worst to 15 hours, by touching the affected parties, drinking warm milk, stirring or lifting the arms, crouched. Better from cold applications and lying left side, for rest.
9 - () Great weariness, especially in the thighs. Stiffness and tension in muscles and joints feeling of hurt as shots.
10 - Hot flashes with sweating and anxiety.
Desire and aversion of Angustura VERA
11 - () has an irresistible desire for coffee.
12 - () like this, or that, and refuses to be offered.
13 - Aversion to meat, pork, aversion to solids.
14 - like hot drinks.
15 - Dizziness reading. Heat in the forehead at night. Headache with burning in the face. Head pull to the right, then left.
16 - Myopia, should bring the items to see them clearly. Vision cloudy.
17 - () pain in the cheeks. Pain in the temporomandibular joint and masseter, and fatigue by chewing a lot. Temporalis muscle pain on opening the mouth. Trismus with lips wide apart, showing his teeth. Cheeks and lips cyanotic.
18 - () Exostoses on the mandible.
19 - thirst, constant desire to drink, especially cold drinks, or sensation of thirst without desire to drink. Bitter taste. Saliva drops from his mouth. Toothache, better for local cold.
20 - () Gastric dyspepsia: heartburn, anorexia, coated tongue, taste bad. Belching with cough. Hiccups after coughing.
21 - belly pains sharp or pointed, with noise, for hot milk. Pain goes on a line from the navel to the sternum behind. Sensation of sleeping in the left upper quadrant.
22 - () Diarrhea, acute or chronic, day and night copious stool, whitish, preceded by cutting in abdomen, weakness and weight loss. Urgency with loose stools. Burning anal defecation. Hemorrhoids coming out with hard, knotty stools.
23 - orange-colored urine, which becomes turbid fast.
24 - Violent itching on the scrotum and the tip of the glans.
25 - Flow milky. Prolapsed uterus.
26 - () Constriction in chest tightness, palpitations and stair climbing. Sudden heart feeling bloated, with fear of death, better lying on left side. Pertussis with belching, hiccups, cough, worse at 15 hours. Irritation behind the sternum to the back.
27 - Itching on the back. Opisthotonos. Pain in spine, worse pressure. Cervical pain, worse waving his arms.
28 - () Pain in the knees. Cracking joints. Cold fingers. Arms tired and heavy. Pain in limbs when walking. Imminent paralysis in the legs, with trembling feet. Tearing pains in the bones worse at rest, strain and pressure, better by cold applications and extensions.
29 - Intermittent fever, with chills for 15 hours daily.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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