Anhalonium. Homeopathy

Anhalonium (Anhalonium Levinii - Peyote)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Anhalonium
1 - () have hallucinations or delusions, especially auditory and visual, sometimes stimulating the skin has the feeling that "every note on the piano becomes the center of a melody that seems to be surrounded by a halo of color by pressing the rhythm of the music "(Boericke). Exaggerated reverberation of common sounds. It has wonderful views, extremely beautiful and varied kaleidoscopic changes.

Go mobile objects brilliant, fantastic, colorful, dances. Polychromatic spectra. These hallucinations are accompanied by a feeling of increased physical and mental capacity, which does not exist. Visions of monsters and gruesome ways, faces like masks. Think that the objects are double or that are enlarged, which is isolated from the world that everything is strange, that is standing beside the same, that he is dead, as if floating in the air, sees snakes. Think you have a split personality, like having two personalities or that is twofold. Confusion about their own identity.

This picture, so similar to that produced by intoxication with Cannabis Indica and Sativa (Marijuana), suggests the interesting possibility that their use against drug addiction, so widespread today.
2 - () Loss of conception of time, has no idea of its duration, how time flies: o seems too fast, or too slowly.
3 - () Lack of self confidence, sense of inferiority, and sometimes superior. Lack of adaptability.
4 - () Resentment; think your friends are laughing at him, wants to attack them. Homosexuality.
5 - Satisfaction or contentment lazy does not like to move, "this in a country where it is always time to nap." Loss of will.
6 - Hysteria. Burnout is a drug.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Anhalonium
7 - motor incoordination, muscular and extremely depressed patellar hyperreflexia. Fine tremors.
8 - () worse on closing eyes. Best bed.
SPECIFIC Anhalonium
9 - Headaches with disturbed vision and vertigo. Mydriasis. Fatigue in the head. Ptosis of eyelids.
10 - Feel vague perfume. Great difficulty speaking, partly because of paralysis of the tongue and in part by thinking slowly, barely moving his lips.
11 - Can not walk without the help; paraparesis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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