The anthocyanins (anthocyanidins or anthocyanins). Properties

The anthocyanins (anthocyanidins-OPCs) are vegetative compounds exert a variety of distinct positive physiological effects. They are water-soluble pigments present in the berries of some fruits, especially those with a blue-purple as in bilberry, black grape, blueberry and currant 200 more.

The main indications of anthocyanidins and anthocyanins
- For women with cyclical breast tenderness
Clinical experience has shown an effect on the reduction of sensitivity and premenstrual breast pain. The positive effects are noticed after a month of its use in concentrated form.

- For fluid retention affected by non-medical
The main cause of fluid retention is leakage from small capillaries into the tissues. Scientific research shows that anthocyanidins may strengthen and effectively fix these leaky capillaries.

- To improve skin vitality
The anthocyanidins help strengthen and preserve collagen in the body, so that these natural compounds are often included in creams to improve skin elasticity.

- For the welfare of the eyes
The anthocyanidins can help strengthen fragile capillaries and improve micro circulation eye.

- For eyestrain for computer users
Studies have shown that anthocyanidins can reduce eyestrain and improve contrast vision in people using monitors, in only 6 weeks.

- For sports injuries and muscle aches
The anthocyanidins can inhibit the inflammatory. Therefore, the health professions is often used in muscle pain.

- For people with seasonal sneezes
The anthocyanidins inhibit the release of histamine, the substance that causes discomfort being affected by seasonal sneezing.

- For proper circulation
The anthocyanidins significantly improve the state of the blood vessels and therefore are very useful for almost any vascular problem, especially in the legs, improves circulation in these cases.

- For the welfare of the heart
The anthocyanidins with a rich source of OPCs, physiologically active antioxidants in both aqueous and lipid environments body. This unique effect makes your overall antioxidant capacity is higher than that of vitamins C and E, and therefore entirely appropriate for people with cardiovascular risk.

- As a source of plant antioxidants
A multivitamin rich in antioxidants is a good option for preventive health care. However, to maximize the antioxidant defenses, antioxidants should be added vegetables such as anthocyanidins, which overall antioxidant capacity is higher than that of known antioxidants like vitamins C and E.

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