Anthracinum (Anthrax). Homeopathy

Anthracinum (anthrax toxin)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Anthracinum
1 - () The lesions usually carbuncle, ulcers or abscesses, have five major characteristics: a) horrible burning pains, quenzantes b) black (sometimes blue), c) make a scab, d) is horribly offensive pus and e) are generally very indurated.
2 - () Succession of boils or carbuncles, or anthrax (Syph.).
3 - ()-pyaemia Septic, septic infections, burning pains too great prostration. Wound sepsis of suspicious origin or anatomical dissection or suspected insect bites, fast gear with lymphangitis (Lach., Pyr.) Secretions and fetid. Septic fever, with rapid prostration, weak pulse barely palpable, delirium, fainting, feeling die.
4 - () Hemorrhage of holes: black blood, like tar, thick, coagulated and no fast breaks (Crot-h).
5 - () Symptoms from drinking water or served rotten.
SPECIFIC Anthracinum
6 - () Ludwig's Angina with submandibular swelling of stony hardness, can barely open his mouth, floor of mouth hard and swollen, drooling or putrid and fetid breath, anorexia, thirst (barely able to swallow) under the tender lymphadenopathy menton, insomnia, high fever, sweating. Mumps gangrenous.
7 - Splenomegaly. Vomiting, often bloody diarrhea, or fever; collapse.
8 - () Whitlows severe, extensive, burning terribly, with bedsores. Gangrene moist, mottled and bluish-black blisters, horrible smell, in cases of fractures (exposed or not) of tibia. Ulcers, especially in the legs or lower limbs, with burning pains, black background, gangrenous, worse at night. Vesicles on the palms of the hands.
9 - () Anthrax in the back, with tremendous burning pain, pus horribly offensive, irritating and prone to sepsis. Anthrax with black scars and burning pains in the back, especially in the cervical region. Axillary adenopathy.
10 - () subcutaneous cellular tissue swelling, cellulitis (Sil.). Black or blue blisters (worse on the lips, especially the upper). Smallpox. Malignant or gangrenous erysipelas.
11 - () Fever with copious sweats.
When Ars_A. not ease the burning pain, give Anthracinum. In pain from cancer (Euphorb.).