Anti-aging - Anti-age

The desire for eternal youth
Since time immemorial, man has always wanted to live while preserving the health and energy of youth. At present the eagerness remains in place, perhaps with excessive intensity and information that are not always successful. In fact there is a whole culture with anti-aging health professionals specializing in this technique alone. However, the body, like any mechanical structure, undergoes wear, rust, aging, but as a unique structure allows us to live many years.

With age and old age the wireless exchange, the production of energy and the replacement of tissues, among other systems, will slowing down, the vessels will transport clogging as happens to any conduit through which a fluid of different composition chemistry. Between the fluid and the ride can be no relationships and involvement, the more innocuous than the fluid that leads lasted longer vessels in good condition.

Necessary conditions for the body to remain as young as possible (anti-age)
The maintenance of youth and the fight against time means, among other actions, in physiological terms, the following:
- Maintenance of vessel healthy, clean and flexible. Free deposits that obstruct blood flow, with the flexibility and tone appropriate to accommodate changing conditions. This means that the blood flowing through them must be fluid and not carry substances that damage or

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