Antimonium crud. Homeopathy

Antimonium CRUDUM (black sulphide of antimony)
1 - () Very sentimental, it is an exalted love, the ecstasy of love, especially walking in the moonlight or seeping through windows or windows, or also before each menstrual period or when you have diarrhea. Lovesick, disorders or unrequited unrequited love. The moonlight accentuated by mental symptoms.
2 - () Aversion to being touched and to be looked at, especially in children; scream if touched. The child is too grumpy and irritable, pierced and contradictory, grouchy for more to be done to satisfy it, is never responsive; is irritated by the slightest attention, not to speak or be spoken to. Misanthrope.
3 - () Great sadness, worse evening, with tears, if you hear bells. This disgusted and tired of life, with suicidal thoughts who do get out of bed. Tendency to suicide disparndose shot or drowning. Very anxious and concerned about his fate: he thinks a lot about your condition.
4 - () Irresistible desire to talk or repeats rhyming verse.
5 - Fear of noise.
6 - nymphomania.
7 - () worse by the cold bath, or immediate or remote consequences of a cold bath or falling into water or a swim in the river or at sea or in a pool: violent headaches, gastritis, diarrhea, colds, aphonia, amenorrhoea, rheumatism, ete. Aversion and fear of the bathroom in general (and particularly cold, cry and scream when washed in cold water or banana.
8 - () Worst of all forms of radiant heat: can not tolerate the heat of the sun (or the light) or getting hot near the fire (worse cough, ophthalmia); exhausted in warm weather, worse by efforts to sun burns disorders sun. Worse in a warm room. It is a very useful drug in warm climates or seasons.
9 - () Disorders food acids: vinegar, fruit acid, sour wine, etc.., Worse for sweets, beans, pork, bread.
10 - () Indicated especially at the extremes of life: children and the elderly. Children or young people prone to obesity, irritable, unable to tolerate being touched or looked at. Old and sleepy all day, with digestive disorders, or with morning diarrhea, which suddenly constipated, or alternating diarrhea and constipation, with hard and fast pulse.
11 - () <cold or extreme temperatures, by taking cold. Want outdoors. Worse from wet applications. Much worse after eating, evening, night, in light of the moon, if they play, climbing stairs. Best outdoor resting or lying down, after a warm bath or hot.
12 - Useful at night or after alcoholic excesses (Hering).
13 - Absence of pain in certain cases that should be present (Bocricke).
14 - Laterality left or lower left and upper right. Symptoms, when they reappear, go forth from the body.
Desire and aversion of Antimonium CRUDUM
15 - () like acidic foods, pickles.

16 - () Headache: after bathing, worse by a cold bath (or in the river), for gastric disorders (for fruit, acids, sweets or fats) with prolonged vomiting, for overheated, especially in a fire or stove or by exposure to sunlight or a warm room, for alcoholic drinks, by taking cold, for suppressed eruptions or discharges, the better for deletions (coryza, diarrhea, vomiting); better walking outdoors. Itching of the scalp, with headache and great hair loss. Tendency to take cold in the head. Heaviness front with vertigo, nausea and epistaxis.