Antimonium sulfuratum, Apisinum, Apocynum, Aquilegia, Aralia racemosa Aranea, Aristolochia ciematitis. Homeopathy

Antimonium sulfuratum
Chronic asthma, bronchial catarrh.

Like Apis mellifica.

Edema and hydropic states, for example in case of nephro-yards and netrosis with edema and albuminuria. Intense thirst, but drinking water is vomited immediately. De-crease of the pulse rate.

Menstrual disorders. Globe hysterical.

Aralia racemosa
Asthma or irritative cough immediately after falling asleep. Hay fever.

Lack of body heat. Hot widespread. The cold and moisture conditions worse. Hydrogen Constitution. Maxillary neuralgia night.

Aristolochia ciematitis
Stimulates healing of wounds. Antiinflamatorio. Venous stasis. Urinary frequency (frequent urination extreme without large amounts of urine). Dysmenorrhea. Depression before menstruation. Secondary amenorrhea. Headache. Eczema.

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