Antimonium tart. Homeopathy

Antimonium TARTARICUM (antimony and potassium tartrate or tartar emetic)
Mental symptoms or pathogenesis of ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM
1 - () The child clings, clings, who are around him, want him in my arms and this alzen best upright in her arms. But not wanting to be touched or talked to or look (worse on waking) except to hold him: he cries and complains if touched, can not be considered. In contrast, usually mild and sweet after noon.
2 - () is very characteristic that "the child coughs whenever irritated" (Clarke), and irritated very easily, always grumpy. In relation to the cough, other symptoms are mental plaintive cry before and during cough.
3 - () Grand iuquietud and restlessness.
4 - Fear of being alone, but you want solitude. Talks to self.
5 - Suicidal tendency. Ailments from anger or humiliation.
6 - () Great prostration, sometimes collapse, sink into the bed, with marked somnolence (worse with cough), which sometimes goes to eat, and with trembling limbs.
7 - () Statements of suffocation, progressive and imminent, by immersion in water, by mechanical causes in the newborn or respiratory diseases (see 28) with lip cyanosis, prostration, sweating, pallor and thready pulse, must be sitting by suffocation, but steady with two pillows on the sides, otherwise, falls laterally by the great prostration.
8 - () Convulsions when no flares erupt, especially smallpox or chickenpox.
9 - () Modalities worse by heat (but some rheumatic symptoms improve), by cold and damp, at night (3 am) and evening, while sitting or sitting or rising from a chair or sitting leaning forward , changes from time to Spring (Kali_S., Nat_S.) for sour things and milk. Best outdoor and cold, sitting upright, lying on the right side (Table), by belching and cough.
10 - () Diseases caused by exposure to moisture, especially in basements or damp rooms. Hydrogenoid Constitutions. In the aftermath of the vaccination, when Thuya Silica fails and is not indicated. Especially in children and the elderly.
11 - () Pulse fast, full, soft, shaky, weak, thready or sometimes imperceptible. Sensation of cold in blood vessels.
12 - () Desire for acids, acid fruits, apples, cold drinks.

13 - () Aversion to milk.


14 - Vertigo on closing the eyes or lift his head from the pillow.
15 - Headache as if a headband. Chronic tremor in the head, shaking head and hands (as in Parkinsonn). Head tilted backwards (in pneumonia), hot and perspiring.
16 - () Eyes sunken, with dark circles.
17 - () sharp nose, with wide open holes and nasal flaring, especially in pneumonia (Lyc.) or other acute respiratory diseases. Nostrils dark as dirt. With spongy gums bleed uncontrollably. Violent coryza with sneezing, secretion and anosmia.
18 - () pale, earthy, Hippocrates, cyanotic, anxious, depressed, cold, covered with cold sweat. You jerks in the face when coughing. Incessant quivering of the chin and jaw (Gels.). The mouth is open for a while after yawning.
19 - Language blue or white, with walls and papillae or red streaks. Bitter taste of night. Sialorrhea. Sensation of elongation of the teeth. Loss of taste in coryza.
20 - () Not hungry, but thirsty, cold water, and drink little and often (Ars.). No thirst during bronchial disorders. With difficulty swallowing liquids. The child grune if offered water (Kent).
21 - () together with lung problems, digestive problems, especially gastric, are most prominent in Tartaricum Antimonium. Nausea "is one of our best remedies in states of nausea. The nausea is so severe as that of Ipecac, but less persistent, and is relieved by vomiting" (Clarke). Nausea mortals with great anxiety, fear and restlessness, sweating frontal, continuous, with great reluctance, worst in the sight of food. Vomiting gagging very difficult, painful, which lead to a state of suffocation and deep anxiety, as if to die, as he vomits, it is increasingly tired and sleepy. Vomit up the water, with lots of thick mucus, white, viscous. Not only improves or vomiting when lying on right side. Vomiting: in the malaria for fever, coughing, headaches, and with trembling hands and sweat on the forehead, sweating and tearing. Bilious vomiting chest with great anxiety. Belching improving it, smelling of rotten eggs (Am.), worse at night. Gastritis: the stomach is very sensitive, the smallest bite is painless. Pulsations and pulsations in the epigastrium.
22 - () Colico cutting in the abdomen before stool. Feeling as if abdomen full of stones (Calc_C.) was much worse when sitting. Pulsations. Pressure in the stomach, worse bending forward. Sounds rich Flatus.
23 - () Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Diarrhea in pneumonia, smallpox and other eruptive worse by suppression of the eruption. Diarrhea in drinkers. Cholera: diarrhea, vomiting, watery, cadaverous smell, with involuntary stools. For Nash, is what comes closest to a specific for cholera: "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, prostration, cold sweats, stupor or sleepiness. Diarrhea in suckers, green.
24 - Dark urine or reddish-brown, filaments sanguine when it comes to rest. Bloody urine at end of urination, with violent pains in the bladder.
25 - () Warts behind the glans (Hering). Testicular pain from suppressed gonorrhea.
26 - Sense of bearing down in the vagina.
27 - () laryngeal catarrh, worse in old, mucus in larynx and trachea; clears his voice, worse at night. Weakly. Grasp the larynx, which is very sensitive, coughing. Croup.
28 - () sounds rattling in the chest, bronchial tubes, which are heard in the distance, caused by a large accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tree, with inability to expectorate (cough seems to go far, but nothing comes out) because a diminution of its power delivery. This is the great feature of Antimonium Tartaricum. Rattling in the chest, worse lying down, better sitting upright. Rapid breathing, abdominal, noisy, jerky, intermittent, short, shaky, wheezing, dyspnea, stopping coughing, wheezing, or gasping, coughing worse. Shortness of breath, worse lying down (the child breathe better sitting upright), better coughing, can not lie down or just on the right side. Asthma worse at night, at 3 am, with coughing, mucus in the trachea, coughing and better sitting with head on the table. Cough with ral, spasmodic, choking, at 3 am or 4 a.m. or 23 hours or 22 to 1 am, by the lower ingestion of food or hot drinks, forced to sit in bed (Con, Puls., Phos.) (supported by another person for his great weakness) with nausea and vomiting, belching better, with very little or no expectoration. Pale of newborn asphyxia (Camph.): the child is born pale, not breathing, gasping. It relieves the death rattle (Tarent.). Capillary bronchitis (giving a dose 1000th., Generally, is saving) and bronchopneumonia in infants: the child can not suck and every attempt ends with screams, better sitting upright. In all acute respiratory diseases, if there are features already mentioned: bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, pleuropneumonia, flu or other origin, acute pulmonary edema, pulmonary atelectasis, pulmonary hepatization postneumonia (if Sulph. No action is one of the best remedies). Right-sided pneumonia, and jaundice (Allen). Emphysema. In pneumonia, can not lie on the diseased side, the child is with the head back. White expectoration copious colds in old old with dyspnea and need to be Screened (Bar_C. if Ant_T. Does not improve it entirely); bronchiectasis. Pertussis.
29 - () Anxiety and chest heat, burning sensation in the chest, which ascends to the throat, palpitations. Weak feeling in the chest.
30 - () and excruciating pain Violent lumbosacral; the slightest effort to move causes retching and cold sweats and viscous, "corresponds to most cases of back pain that no other remedy" (Clarke), with sensation of weight on the tailbone.
31 - () Extremities cold, especially in the feet and fingertips. Vesicles, ulcerations on the fingertips, with pale edges; leprosy fingers dry, hard and dead. Tremor. Joint pain sensation sometimes erratic fracture, better by heat. Acute polyarticular rheumatism. Edema of left knee. Painful varicose veins. Yellow spots on the fingers.
32 - () deep sleep, comatose. Sueno during fever, in ague. Intense drowsiness and yawning during cough. As electric shocks to sleep.
33 - () Hot in general, chills, worse at 15 hours, shaking and shivering. Chronic intermittent fever, very durable.
34 - () sweats profusely on the parties concerned; cold.

35 - () Variola (major medications, with terrible pain Lumbosacral [see 30]); chickenpox. Pustular eruptions and painful, as peas, leaving a red mark-cyanate, especially in the face and anogenital region. Impetigo contagiosum (Dr. Tyler gives a dose 100M., And cures in a few days). Clammy skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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