Anxiety. Symptoms

Definition of Anxiety
Anxiety is defined as a state of mind full of anxious expectation of an event that is expected or feared at every moment, as a logical consequence of preceding events and situations, or as an irrational feeling.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms in affective level: Restless
Restlessness or agitation, by which the person is unable to be consistent, stay calm and make a stand right outside.
You can make gestures or disorderly movements that reveal his inner disturbance.

Anxiety Symptoms intellectually: Doubt
The question is, uncertainty that made him feared or expected has actually verified.
Anxiety symptoms in terms of the will: irresolution
The irresolution, logical consequence of the agitation and doubt, and for which the anxious person is incapable of acting in one way or another for fear that their intervention hasten the dreaded event or the expected event away.

Anxiety as normal
When anxiety is caused by sporadic and causes of serious importance is normal. But it becomes pathological when it is continuous (state anxiety) and disproportionate to the cause that has provoked.

Pathological anxiety
So we can say that this pathologically anxious when taking this on an ongoing basis in this state, caused by Vanity.

Pathological anxiety occurs because of an exaltation of the normal emotion subsequent to several causes:
* Repeated exaltation of mind
* Physical illnesses depressive
* Nervous diseases
* Mental illness, depressed type
* Etc.

*Automatic Translation