Aphis chenopodii Glauci. Homeopathy

APHIS CHENOPODII GLAUCIA (louse of Chenopodium anthelminticum)
1 - Pressure in forehead and occiput, worse from movement, sensation of oscillation in the brain.
2 - () Burning in eyelids at night. Right orbital neuralgia, with watering.
3 - Noises in ears, as a fee. Earache, sometimes in one ear, sometimes in another.
4 - () Violent coryza with burning and itching on the edge of the nostrils, worse in the wall, with secretion clearance; larynx excoriating pain, tachycardia, feet and legs cold and chills.
5 - face pale or yellowish. Sweating. Heats. Lips dry tomorrow.
6 - () Toothache violence extended to the ears, temples, or malar, worse in bed, best when hot sweats are widespread.
7 - painful blisters on the tip of the tongue. Hypersalivation or dry mouth. Hot breath.
8 - Aversion to bread and meat. Sed at night.
9 - () Cutting pain in abdomen, worse at night, with noises of gas, flatus. Ineffectual urging to stool, with pressure in the rectum and bladder. Morning diarrhea with urgency and burning painful anal soft stools with dark bloodstains.
10 - Burning in urethra and meatus urinating. Frequent urination copious and frothy urine, or reddish brown, with yellowish sediment. Voluptuous irritation of the glans.
11 - () Severe pain in the lower and inner angle of left scapula (Chenopodium is on the right) extending to the thorax. Chills up and down the back.
12 - Rheumatic pains in shoulders and arms, feet and legs. Painful knees, warm and soles of the feet. Burning in palms with sweat. Edema of the limbs.
13 - Insomnia. Dreams.
14 - hot sweats in bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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