Apis mellifica. Homeopathy

Apis (Apis mellifica: Bee)
1 - () A state Soporous (which can lead to coma) or normal sleep are interrupted by sudden, excruciating cries (cry brain), especially in acute meninaoencefaliticos problems. The child cries before sleeping or seizures. Stupor or unconsciousness during fever, stupor alternating with erotic mania. This as absent, as in a dream.
2 - () Sad, despondent, melancholic, day and night crying and despair, not knowing that, without apparent cause can not help but mourn. All is indifferent, especially what could cheer him or make him happy, by contrast, only gives importance to what causes him pain.
3 - () Disorders consecutive sentences, anger, bad news, jealousy, fears.
4 - () Weakness nervous disorders in the coordination of movements, which creates an unusual clumsiness that causes things to fall her hands (Bovista) and sniggering about it. Desire to break things.
5 - () premonition of death (Acon.); think about death, seems to be dying, in fear. He seems to not be able to breathe more, that's the last time. Fear of an attack of apoplexy. Fear of being poisoned.
6 - () Extremely irritable, violent, troubled (over night), impatient, suspicious, jealous (especially in women, "the queen bee is the most jealous that there is in Nature").
7 - () Mania or insanity erotica, nymphomania; lust.
8 - () need to be very busy, always doing something, changes the working class. Delirium busy. Excitation during fever.
9 - () Delirium in meningo-encephalitic processes acute (Bell., Hell.) Muttering, violent, and at night, sleeping, by suppression of scarlet fever.
10 - () says it's okay, even when very ill, do not realize their true state (during delirium).
11 - () like company, can not bear to be left alone.
12 - Childish behavior.
13 - Can not think clearly or concentrate to read or study.
14 - () The pains are stitching (like pinching) and burning hot, as produced by burning charcoal or a bee sting or red-hot needles, with pain as if beaten, with great sensitivity to the slightest touch. Pains suddenly change site (Puls), quickly spread throughout the body and are worse from warmth and rest, and better for the local cold and motion, or walking or changing position.
15 - () Worse from heat, radiant heat (stoves: it causes chills) of the bed, a warm room, for shelter. This improved by local cold, cold water and the cold bath. Sensation of heat.
16 - () No thirst, especially during fever (Gels., Puls.) In dropsy and in general. Thirst during chill.
17 - () Edema of all kinds, located (as if filled with water) or generalized (often from renal or cardiac origin), with a waxy, pale pink or semitransparent, and leaving a trail to the pressure. Anasarca.
18 - () Serositis. Spills in the serous fluid (hydrothorax, hydropericardium, ascites, hydrocephalus, synovitis).
19 - () In acute inflammations, pink, extremely sensitive to the slightest contact with pinching and burning, worse from heat, better from cold, with fever without thirst.
20 - () passive congestion: kidney, lung and liver. Hemorrhage of dark blood does not clot. Varicose veins that stick and burn. Phlebitis. Lymphangitis.
21 - () Worse than later in the nap or night, from 16 to 18 hours or 15; of tomorrow.
22 - () particularly useful: in boys and girls very careful, they start dropping things in the dentition in children, marasmus, diarrhea, hydrocephalus, etc., In menopause, widows in old (icttis). Hydrogenoid.
23 - () Bad effects of acute exanthems deleted or not well developed (hives, measles, scarlet fever).
24 - () Right side, or from right to left (Lyc.), and inverted.
25 - () like open air in enclosed places is worse.
26 - () stab wounds, stabbing, piercing bite of poisonous animals and bites (especially bees and wasps).
27 - () Apis disorders ensue, in general, with great violence and speed.
28 - () Seizures worse by a hot bath or a warm room. One side of the body with shaking and the other paralyzed.
29 - () Worse for the suppression of sexual desire.
30 - worse by pressure, lying, after sleep, by moisture. Best outdoors by a cold bath or cold applications or getting wet with cold water, dirt or sitting upright.
31 - Cancers open. Scirrhous. Tumors. Lymphadenopathy indurated.
Desire and aversion of APIs MELLIFICA
32 - () I want milk.
33 - Aversion to drink water.
34 - () Vertigo with headache, and nausea with sneezing, worse on closing eyes or lying or sitting, with dimming of vision.
35 - () congestion of the head, hot head with a feeling of warmth, heaviness and fullness, worse in warm room and before and during menstruation, better outdoors. Cephalic sense of constriction or swelling. Buries her head in the pillow, moving from side to side, and screams. Acute meningitis, tuberculous; hydrocephalus. The late-closing fontanelle. Throbbing headache, relieved by pressure of the hands, worse on motion, during fever, in a warm room, better walking outdoors. Stabbing pains, sudden. Headache as bee stings. Sweats Headaches with musky scent. Erysipelas. The hair falls in plaques (Fl_Ac.).
36 - () Eyelid edema and swelling, especially the lower hanging like a bag full of water, giving the impression that would be emptied if they are pricked. Great density and burning. Acute or chronic inflammation of various tissues of the eye, especially in children, with sharp pain and burning, worse from heat or a warm room. Affections of the cornea: spots, sores, ulcers, opacities, leucoma, staphyloma, keratoconus, keratitis. Conjunctiva injected with intense chemosis; trachoma (Apis 100M., A dose, heals in a day [Dr. Tyler]). Blepharitis, red eyelids. Photophobia. Diplopia, asthenopia, strabismus. Eye pain, pinching or from a foreign body, things look worse or snow white. Rigid or everted eyelids, especially the lower, falling lashes, styes (prevent recurrence). The eyes turn up or go around sleeping. Lacrimal Fistula. Blurred vision when reading, low vision at dusk.
37 - () Earache sore throat stinging. The child puts his hand to his mastoid every time you scream. Acute Otitis scarlet fever. Erysipelas on ears. Hearing loss.
38 - () Nose swollen, red, Erysipelatous with stitches. Coryza, worse from heat. Chronic catarrh crusty. Nasal polyps. The tip of the nose is cold.
39 - () Cara edematous, as transparent: grains and pale (after scarlet fever) or red and hot and so swollen that it is unrecognizable glossy, shiny, with sharp pains, burning, edema especially around or below the eyes and lips, especially the upper. Want to wash your face with cold water. Expression happy or anxious, frightened or apathetic. Erysipelas of the face, which runs from right to left; erysipelas repeated, periodic. Everted lips, hanging rigid. Urticaria.
40 - () Teeth covered with mucus yellow or brown tartar. Grinds teeth.
41 - () Gums swollen like water-filled sacs (the child cries in the dentition). Sensation of numb the gums and tongue. Palate and tongue of bright red, especially at the tip. Tongue swollen, dry, inflamed, as painted, cracked, with burning vesicles, with burning sensation, as if he'd burned his mouth with boiling customs. Bright yellow tongue. You can not pull the tongue hits the teeth (Lach.) or hanging from his mouth. Cancer of the tongue.
42 - () Pharynx inflamed, red, and polished, shiny, with edema of the uvula, which hangs like a bag full of water or a bell clapper sentitranslucido (Vannier). Continuous feeling of constriction, with burning stinging pains, swallow or not, worse from hot drinks and swallowing solids. Ulceracioyies deep in the throat, especially in the tonsils, in scarlet fever. Diphtheria.
43 - () does not tolerate any constriction, or contact of clothing, in the neck (Lach.).
44 - Vomiting food or bile. Gastritis with violent pains in the epigastrium, and burning heat.
45 - () belly ache as if beaten, extremely sensitive, worse pressure, sneezing and by touching your back. It has the feeling in the abdomen as if something tight it would break or explode when coughing or straining at stool long. Ascites with anasarca. Peritonitis; hepatitis. Hard swelling in the right groin, big as a cucumber. Inguinal hernia old. Liver and spleen.
46 - () Constipation, worse during menstruation, with hard stools. Diarrhea: painless, watery drinkers, in severe infections, eruptive diseases, especially if the eruption is suppressed. Belly moves involuntarily barely moving, as if anus were wide open and relaxed (Phos, Aloe). Diarrhea and vomiting. It hurts the anus after defecating, hemorrhoids. Yellow or green stools. Rectal prolapse.
47 - () nephritis or acute glomerulonephritis, especially post-scarlatinal or pregnancy with oliguria (drip hot, hot) or anuria, albuminuria, hematuria and casts. Urine scanty (in disease processes meningoencefalicas or febrile), cloudy, dark, offensive, milky, sometimes with sediment like coffee grounds. In hydrocephalus, small and frequent releases of
urine with unconsciousness and delirium. Retention of urine in infants and children with such painful urination jumping around the room in agony. Cystitis with pressing pain or burning and urgent desires, frequent urination or constant, worse during fever. Urinating when coughing. Enuresis. Urine a lot and very often at night. The patient can not urinate without moving the womb simultaneously.
48 - () Hydrocele: scrotal edema. Chancre with pains like bee stings. Enlarged prostate. Hypertrophy of the right testicle.
49 - () The right ovary is mainly concerned with tumors, cysts, or edema or hypertrophy and induration; oophoritis, with burning pain or pinching, cutting, worse after intercourse or during the abortion, before and during menstruation, at the beginning walking or lifting the arms and the warmth of the bed, lying on the pain or the local cold, with heavy, extended to the thighs or ribs, or the right breast ( "As if he had sympathy between ovaries and lungs" [Hering]). Sexual desire increased in Widows. Tendency to abortion. Bearing down pains in the uterus, especially before menstruation. Amenorrhea after a fright in young girls with cerebral symptoms.
50 - () Edema of glottis, perhaps the best remedy (Kali_I.). It has the feeling that every breath will be the last.
51 - () Shortness of breath, you need doors and windows open, especially with fever or chills or when heated, suppressed eruptions, for laryngeal constriction, worse in a warm room, lying down with head low or on the left side or just can not lie, and by motion, better outdoors. Asthma eruptions. Breathe gasps (Lye., Ant_T.). Breath rattling with amazement and occasional high-pitched cries, for intense pain. Cough, worse lying down, waking at midnight.
52 - () Burning pain in the front of the chest, chest pain from coughing, worse over the clavicle. Precordial stitches. Sensation of fullness in the chest; of oppression in the chill or a warm room. Angina pectoris. Pericarditis and endocarditis with edema. Mitral regurgitation with dilated heart. Edema of thorax; hydrothorax; hydropericardium. Breast Cancer and crisipela.
53 - () Pulsation in the cervical spine extended to the shoulder.
54 - () Edema in extremities: edematous swelling of the hands, legs, ankles and feet pale, waxy and edematous, after a scarlet fever, worse at night. Bloating or enlargement of the feet and toes. Felon itching or stabbing pains. Gout, gouty or arthritic nodules on the extremities, especially in the joints of the fingers. Acute rheumatoid arthritis with swollen joints, tight, bright pink, very sensitive to the slightest touch and pains typical of Apis. Clumsiness in the limbs, you drop things out of hand. Hot on his knees during the chills. Hands red, purple spots on the legs. Erysipelas in the legs and toes. Stiffness of the left foot and toes. Left hemiplegia. You sleep hands and fingertips. Babinski's spontaneous and painful in tubercular meningitis. Synovitis of the knee.
55 - () Great sleepiness after eating. Flying rings. Deep sleep, worse during fever. Sleepless from thoughts that haunt him. Starts sleeping.
56 - () chills after noon and evening, especially the 15 or 16 hours, or 15 to 17, or 16 to 17 hours, with thirst, beginning in the chest or abdomen and extending from there, worse in a warm room, does not improve or near a stove, can not bear the heat, worse from motion, better outdoors.
57 - () Fever with burning heat and desire to uncover, it aggravates the heat, shelter, and warm the room is unbearable, better washing. Measles and sequelae. Scarlet and sequelae. State Tifico in infectious diseases. Malaria, mainly tertian.
58 - sweats alternating with dry skin sweat with mild drowsiness.

*Automatic Translation