Apis mellifica. Homeopathy (Abridged)

APIS MELLIFICA (Bee whole by maceration in alcohol)
1 .- Edema Localized: insect bite, boil, abscess principle, felons.

2 .- Generalized Edema: urticaria, allergy to food or medicine.

3 .- conjunctivitis with eyelid edema. Stye recidivist.

4 .- Serous Effusion: promotes resorption of articular and pleural effusions.

5 .- lightning and burning joint pain, improved by cold applications.

General symptoms of Apis mellifica: Used mainly in the acute manifestations, when there is an edema with or without shooting pain and burning. Rapid decline of the forces, weakness and fatigue after a sudden and heavy work, cold, numbness and change the natural color blue of members, great sensitivity and excessive tearing pains like all over the body, especially the skin, restlessness nerve does not rest anywhere, especially at night, excessive irritability of nerves and skin.

Apis mellifica: severe: for heat, touch and pressure.
Apis mellifica: Amelioration: fresh air and cold applications.

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