Apisinum, Apis mellifica, Apormorphinum, Aquilegia, Aralia, Aranea. Homeopathy

Apisinum (bee venom)
The same as Apis mellifica. Acute edematous swellings. Scream
encephalique. Edema. Ovarian cyst. Dysmenorrhea. Ovarian pains.
Metrorrhagia. Urgency. Albuminuria. Nephritis.

Mellifica Apis (honey bee)
Edematous swelling (look pale, pasty). Renal irritation.
Albuminuria. Burning pain, throbbing with inflammation and sensitivity to touch. Tonsillitis right. Meningism. Oophoritis right. Dysmenorrhea. Parametritos. Miometritis and endometritis. Hypersensitivity in the abdomen and uterine region. Conjunctivitis. Eyelid edema. Stye. Urgency. Albuminuria. Nephritis.

Apomorphinum hydrochloricum (apomorphine hydrochloride)
Nausea. Vomiting. Vomiting morning.

Aquilegia vulgaris (aquilegia)
Dysmenorrhoea with pain on the right. Climacteric and menstrual disorders. Globe hysterical.

Aralia racemosa (spikenard American)
Allergic conditions of the respiratory organs such as allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Aranea diadema (spider headband)
Headache, fever and pain with peroforantes by cold and moisture, hydrogen-constitution. Exudative diathesis. Ostealgias in the extremities.

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