Apium graveolens. Homeopathy

Apium graveolens (Celery)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Apium graveolens
1 - Unable to sit still, either sitting or lying position, by a feeling of agitation or restlessness, can not stop thinking.
Desire and aversion of Apium graveolens
2 - Desire for apples, oranges, of rolled oats (oatmeal).
SPECIFIC Apium graveolens
3 - () Headaches that improve while eating outdoors, eyes closed, resting, drinking cold water or warm compresses, are worse after eating, by the light, for reading, by the slightest movement. Throbbing pain in left side of the head, worse when breathing out the air, as from a blow to the left temporal region. Headache in the right eye and temple.
4 - () You feel the eyes sunken in their orbits. Itching and burning in the left corner of the eye.
5 - left hearing loss, with throbbing. Otorrhea.
6 - thick nasal drainage, falls backward. Tingling nose, right worse with sneezing and watery discharge. Obstruction, with frontal pain.
7 - Tip of tongue sore. Toothache in the left molars, better having cold water in the mouth. Pain, swelling and redness in the soft palate and throat, sensitive to inhaled air.
8 - () upset stomach with belching warmly celery. Regurgitation of food. Acidity. Nausea aggravate the pain. Sense of gastric emptying. Pressure in the stomach before leaving
urticaria, better later. Sharp pains from stomach to rectum, with urgency to defecate. Pain that moves from the left iliac fossa to the right. Periumbilical abscess.
9 - Retention of urine stubborn.
10 - () pains in the ovaries, more to the left, better by bending or lying on the left side, legs bent. Nipples sensitive.
11 - () Dry cough from tickling. Night wheezing, shortness of breath. Intense sternal constriction, with sensation of drawing to the back, lying down.
12 - () Pain in the muscles of the neck and back, worse from motion and pressure. Pain in sacrum, worse lying down, better after getting up and moving. Red spots and itching on the left sacral area.
13 - () Growing pains in his right leg at night. Excoriation and burning on the inside of the thighs, made out to the English, the worse the left.
14 - Insomnia, but not fatigue. He wakes up temporary pain, worse than 1 to 3 hours.
15 - () Urticaria with intense itching and tingling, itching scratching site changes; worse after undressing at night. Spots Itching, burning, tingling. Profuse secretion of ulcers that are granular.