Apocynum cannabinum. Homeopathy

1 - Depressed, feeling as if he could do nothing to mourn. Clumsiness, stupor.
2 - () is one of the most effective drugs in broad or generalized edema (anasarca) or serous (ascites, hydrothorax, hydropericardium, etc..), Renal or cardiac origin, or that continues to hemorrhage, with thirst (ver 3 ), decreased excretion, oliguria or anuria (and sometimes alternating with heavy downloads edema), very few signs of irritability, sweating and vomiting, especially gastric, after typhoid, scarlet fever or cirrhosis.
3 - () Great thirst with edema (the opposite of Apis), worse on waking.
4 - () Worse from cold (the opposite of Apis), cold drinks and uncovering.
5 - () Bradycardia.
6 - Worse on waking in the morning, after sleeping, eating and drinking.
7 - Bleeding worse in menopause.
8 - Acute alcoholism.
9 - Relaxation of sphincters.
10 - hydrocephalus Acute stage of exudation, with open fontanelles, stupor, front overhang. Headache right temple, with vertigo that comes and goes suddenly. She faints when moving head.
11 - Eyes inflamed with sensation of having sand. Loss of vision in one eye (hydrocephalus).
12 - () Violent coryza, nasal obstruction in children. Takes cold and congested nose and blocks with ease. Persistent sneezing. Chronic nasal catarrh with acute obstruction.
13 - face cyanotic, pale with cold sweats (in diarrhea). Dry lips.
14 - Tongue dry and dirty. Constant spitting, drooling.
15 - () Intense thirst, but. just take the water, he falls ill or vomiting. Vomiting barely eats or drinks. Nausea and drowsiness. Feeling of discomfort or emptiness in the epigastrium, worse on waking, with faintness and oppression that almost can not breathe. Gastralgia after drinking.
16 - () ascites, often with chronic diarrhea. Hepatic congestion and portal system, followed by ascites, liver cirrhosis. Involuntary explosive diarrhea immediately after eating, followed by great prostration. Piles with sensation of plug in anus. Watery stools with many gases, weak pulse and cold sweats.
17 - () Urine scanty, emitted at very small amounts at a time, or leaking. Oliguria, anuria. Absence of pain in kidneys and bladder. Bladder. Hot urine, cloudy, mucus and urethral burning after urination. Enuresis. Diabetes insipidus with epigastric empty.
18 - () Edema of scrotum and penis.
19 - () Menses with large clots, membranes, interrupted. Amenorrhea in girls, with edema in abdomen and extremities. Metrorrhagia or menorrhagia continuous or paroxysmal, fluid or blood clots, with nausea, vomiting and palpitations, tachycardia, moving and feeling faint as he raised his head from the pillow.
20 - () Short, dry cough, worse at night, or deep and loose, during pregnancy (Con). Respiration short and unsatisfactory (can not breathe deeply), or gasping, to gasp, worse after eating, not lying down, better sitting with his head forward. Almost unable to speak for dyspnea. Sigh. Hemoptysis. Hydrothorax.
21 - () chest pain with palpitations. Pulse slow, irregular, intermittent, sometimes weak. Hydropericardium. Mitral or tricuspid insufficiency, with weak pulse, arrhythmia, arterial hypotension, jugular throbbing, cyanosis and generalized edema.
22 - () constant involuntary movement of limbs on one side (with astonishment, hydrocephalus). Stiff joints to move to the next. Cyanosis of nails. Edema in feet, ankles and legs. Paralysis of left side, one eye does not move, the other spins, spins.
23 - () Sleepiness in nap restless night. He lies down with sleep, but can not sleep. Sleepiness before and after nausea and vomiting. He wakes at 5 am excited, after a little refreshing sleep.
24 - () The body is covered with beads of cold sweat. Or almost no sweat.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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