Apples. Properties

Properties of Apples:
- Apples are 63% of alkaline salts.
- Is properly chewed and salivated easily digestible for all stomachs.
- Apples are the fruit in its more complete nutritionally.
- It goes very well against arthritic rheumatism, gout, herpes, obesity, diseases of the bronchi, liver, dysentery, diarrhea, etc..
- Enables the secretion of gastric juice.
- By its cellulose facilitates bowel movement.
- If you eat apples at night insomnia.
- For their fortified apple phosphorus nervous system.
- Dissolves gall stones or gravel or stones.
- Against the diarrhea is very effective. Is grated finely and make a pure and will give young children the pure 4 teaspoons every one to two hours.
- The apple is almost the only fruit you can eat for dessert.
- Good dentifrice.

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